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Jodi Long Enjoying the Tweet Life

photo by Bobby Quillard

photo by Bobby Quillard

Jodi Long – known as the tart-tongued Ok Cha Sullivan, Korean immigrant mom of Steve Sullivan (Steve Byrne) on TBS’s “Sullivan & Son” – got a wave of social media love when news broke of the series’ third season pickup last month.   She says of her Twitter followers, “They’re so excited.  It’s fun.”

She tells us, “I’m really a newbie to Twitter.  It was one of those things where I said, ‘Okay, I’ll do it for you.’  I did the Facebook thing and the Twitter.  It’s really rewarding on a certain level, getting people to watch the show and just connecting with fans in a way that I would never, ever have imagined.  They tweet right away when something happens.”

It’s nice to note that the actress/filmmaker/playwright hasn’t faced the annoyance of haters posting mean missives.  To the contrary.  “I know certain actors — everybody’s grousing, ‘I can’t deal with the negativity.’  But people have been really so supportive and very sort of vocal about what they like.”

Ok Cha has given them a lot to like.  A role that might’ve been one-note has wound up dimensional and full of surprises.

Long has been busy while on seasonal hiatus.  She reprised her one-woman play, “Surfing DNA,” in which she opens up her biological journey growing up, at West Hollywood’s Working Stage Theater in June and July.