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Katie Holmes, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna — What Their Handbags Say About Them

Kathryn Eisman

“You can perfectly watch the evolution of celebrity for an actress in relation to her handbag.”  So says Aussie style maven and media personality Kathryn Eisman, who claims she has put two years of dedicated study into her unique psychological profiling approach.  For instance:  “Katie Holmes is a perfect example.  She started off looking, well, quite homely on the red carpet — the one-strap shoulder bag girl next door, the bag probably nobody styled.

Katie Holmes

Along comes Tom Cruise and we saw her transformed with an Hermes bag that captured the imagination, the ultimate power player French luxury bag.”  Make that a $40,000 French luxury bag, according to Eisman.  She adds, “Now she’s more the Armani Prive, a little softer, maybe much more in keeping with who she is.

“Jennifer Lopez is another fantastic example,” says Eisman – who’s heading to the States over the weekend for New York and L.A. promotional chores on behalf of her new “How to Tell a Woman by Her Handbag” book next week.  She goes on, “When she was in her Jenny From the Block period, she carried the almost ghetto chic bling bag.  She grew up, and went into the streamlined, structured ladylike elegant bag.  Re-entering the spotlight after the birth of her twins, she went back to a little younger and funkier handbag.”


Rihanna’s choice of purse changed from “sweet, girly, sexy bags to hard, even spiky bags after the Chris Brown incident,” Eisman found.

The pop culture maven does handbag analyses of everyday women in her latest tome, not just those who can afford Hermes.  She’ll be seen on the “Today” show Tuesday (7/6).