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Aldis Hodge Feeling the ‘Leverage’ Love Here, and Over There

Aldis Hodge TNT photo

Leverage” costar Aldis Hodge, fresh back from London and the first “Leverage” convention in the U.K., still sounds somewhat awed by the fan interaction there.

“I know it sounds a little weird, but there was this woman who made these really awesome dolls of everyone in the cast — hand-stitched and everything. It shows the kind of time and dedication people devote to this show,” he says.   Did she capture him? “I don’t know if she captured me, but she definitely captured Hardison,” he answers, referring to his character.

There were also funny moments. Hodge relates that he and his mom were in an elevator when a fan told him he had a voice “like dark melted chocolate.” Also, “There was a little four-year-old girl who drew a picture for me. That was pretty cool. That had to be my favorite thing,” he says.

“Leverage” continues to be hugely popular at home, too. With its fifth season already assured, he reports that the team will go back to work in March.

Meanwhile,  Hodge says he likes the occasional departure episodes the series creators have been throwing into the mix this season — including the recent “The Office Job” that borrowed style elements from “The Office” comedy, and the current “Girls Night Out Job”/”Boys Night Out Job” two-parter that ends Sunday (12/18).

“You know, it’s always a risk. I hope the audience loves it, or loves us enough to stay loyal,” he says. “You’ve got to play it year by year. I enjoy taking risks and breaking away now and then.”

Timothy Hutton Loving ‘Leverage’ Ratings Rise

Timothy Hutton TNT photo

You have to know the gang at Timothy Hutton’s “Leverage” is in a celebratory mood — with the TNT series attracting a 10 per cent ratings increase for its season opener last Sunday over its season premiere last year. Hutton is very happy with the ratings gains, of course. “It definitely feels good. We’re very happy to be on at nine o’clock on Sundays. This year, to return to the same timeslot turned out to be a good decision for the show.”

Demographic breakdowns also show that younger viewers have been cottoning to the series that follows the high tech, high risk capers of a group of modernday Robin Hoods. Notes Hutton, “I think we always felt, TNT and the producers always felt, that the appeal of the show couldn’t be pinpointed to any one group.”

As this season unfolds, not only will his Nate Ford character be dealing with the ramifications of his romance with sexy grifter Sophie Devereaux (Gina Bellman) — but “a shadowy group that is following the Leverage team. That’s a strong arc.”

Tim Hutton and Wife Aurore ‘Trying to Work Things Out’

Timothy Hutton TNT photo

Timothy Hutton’s been enjoying some fatherhood time while he’s busy shooting the third season of his TNT “Leverage” series on location in Oregon. With him much of the time have been his sons, 23-year-old Noah, by ex-wife Debra Winger, and seven-year-old Milo, by his present wife, French illustrator Aurore Giscard d’Estaing. Tabloid reports had the couple splitting last summer, but Hutton says, “We’re trying to work things out.”

Aurore headquarters in France, where Milo goes to school. And regardless of the rough patch the marriage has been going through this past year, Hutton says that as soon as the third season of “Leverage” wraps in August, “I’ll be heading back to France immediately.”

He also hopes to get a directorial assignment in the works during hiatus, and is looking forward to a fourth season of the high tech caper show in which he and his crew pull cons on villains. The fact that “Leverage” has been moved to a time slot on Sunday nights this season, launching June 20, bodes well for the program, he believes. “I’m thrilled by the show’s placement,” he says. “I’d love to see it go for a fourth season.”

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