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Mary Murphy Denies ‘SYTYCD’ Departure Reports, Says Ex-Manager Probably to Blame

The internet has been abuzz with reports that Mary Murphy is en route out of “So You Think You Can Dance,” and Mia Michaels is returning to replace her.  Don’t believe

them, according to Murphy.  “Whatever you hear this entire summer, it’s probably going to come from my ex-manager,” she tells us.  “And you’re probably going to keep hearing things too, because we’re in a legal matter and it’s all about money.  It has nothing to do with Fox, nothing to do with Mia Michaels.”

The ebullient dance icon with the 20 megaton laugh isn’t laughing when she adds that “managers taking money from people is the oldest story in the book in this business, but I never thought it would happen to me.”

She’s determined not to be “one of those people who pay someone to go away.  That’s not me.  I’m Irish.  I’m in it for the long haul.”  She talks about taking her case to court, where, she declares, she is confident she would win.

But in the meantime, Murphy says she won’t be surprised if there’s some sort of new flap every week just before she goes on the air on “SYTYCD” — which is now into this season’s live performance episodes.

As far as any friction between her and Michaels, “There’s never been anything between me and Mia Michaels, my goodness!  I certainly admire her unbelieveably, and I tell her that every chance I get.  Her work is inspirational, and the bench piece she did is one of my favorites.  You can see it on line, where Fox did our Top 10,” adds Murphy, referring to a Michaels-choreographed number with a couple dancing over, around and atop a park bench.

Murphy does laugh her huge laugh when the topic of her relationship with exec producer and fellow judge Nigel Lithgoe comes up.  Sometimes the two toss zingers at each other like an old married couple.  “Yeah!  I’m glad you noticed that because we truly do have fun and love what we do.  We love being dancers.  We’ve been dancers our whole life and we just have a ball up there.  We love what we’re seeing!

“I can’t be more excited because this season truly is the best season, I think we’ve ever had.  We always say, ‘How can we beat that?’  But it’s true, these dancers keep getting better and better, just like athletes keep getting better and better.”  And that’s not just hype:  we’ve seen some of the most breathtakingly creative, amazingly executed dances ever in Season 9.

Mia Michaels-Sting Collaboration Possible for Her Broadway Show

Mia Michaels

Look out, Broadway.  “So You Think You Can Dance” judge and choreographer extraordinaire Mia Michaels has started taking her first few steps toward formation of the show she’ll be bringing to New York next year, including, she reveals, talking to Sting about doing the music.  She also has had discussions with a couple of noteworthy actors, and we might see some of our favorite faces from “SYTYCD” in her stage production.

“Absolutely I would use them,” she says.

Up ‘til now, Michaels’ has had the current season of the hit Fox show at the forefront of her mind.  With tonight’s (8/12) final episode of summer 2010 – and either Kent Boyd, Lauren Froderman or Robert Roldan being named the winner – she’s psyched up to “make it all about celebrating the kids and their journey, how far they’ve come from day one.  It should be fun-filled.  There’s going to be recaps.  There’s going to be surprises.  I’m so looking forward to it.”


Viewers already got a preview of sorts of Michaels’ upcoming stage extravaganza.  “The last group number I did was kind of like a little bit of a seed of exploration of what my Broadway show is going to be,” she reveals.  Mounting of the yet-untitled theatrical production, which she’ll direct as well as choreograph, is being followed for a Bravo series about the ultra-hot dance talent.

“Yes it is a doc series – a ‘making of’ – but it’s going to have my Mia twist in there, so it’s not going to be typical.  It’s going to have some other elements,” she says.

Everything will pop in 2011, if all goes according to plan.  Potentially, she’ll be doing both new projects and “SYTYCD” simultaneously.

Michaels is definite that she wants to continue as a judge on the competition show, and says the criticism she and fellow judges Adam Shankman and Nigel Lithgoe have taken this season has not dampened her enthusiasm.

“I love being back on ‘So You Think.’  I love being a part of it.  I feel like my title has become so Mama Mia, and I love that.  I think that next season, if they ask me back, people will start getting used to me and knowing where my heart is and where my words come from,” she adds, referring to knocks she’s been getting for her harshness toward certain dancers.  “I think now people are a little like little taken aback, but I think in time they’ll see I’m coming from a good place.”