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Campaign to Revive ‘Men of a Certain Age’ Gains Steam

Andre Braugher, Ray Romano, Scott Bakula TNT photo

An online campaign to resuscitate Ray Romano’s canceled, but still beloved “Men of a Certain Age” is apparently building.  Launched by viewer Jeff Martinous as soon as cancellation news hit the Internet earlier this month, the campaign headquarters at a Facebook page linked to a petition — http://www.facebook.com/SaveMenOfACertainAge.  We’re told that viewers unhappy about the cancellation of the show have received official word from co-creator Mike Royce that their voices are being heard — and that negotiations are in progress on multiple fronts.  Royce has tweeted: “Please go like this page and sign its petition. Then laugh a too-loud righteous laugh.”

You never know.  After all, social media got Betty White on “Saturday Night Live.”