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Cymphonique Determined Not to Ride Family Coattails to Success


Adorable teen star on the rise Cymphonique Miller is all too aware of the extra scrutiny often awaiting offspring of the famed when they try to launch their own careers.  (Case in point: the flap over Jim Carrey’s daughter’s progress on “American Idol.”)  So Miller, who is a mere 15 years old, says that when she heard about a general audition for Nickelodeon’s forthcoming “How to Rock” comedy, “I didn’t want my brother or my dad to be any part of it.  I wanted to do it on my own.”  She flew to New York leaving behind her famous family members — father Master P, and brother Romeo.  And when she went in to the audition, she insists, “They didn’t know my affiliation at all.”

 She did a scene in which “I had to sing, dance and act all these different emotions,” she says, and when it was done, she flew back to Los Angeles.  According to her, it was only after the audition that the “How to Rock” forces realized she was the daughter/sister of two of Nickelodeon’s former stars. 

 “That’s why I feel like my accomplishment came from my hard work rather than just from being related to someone.  If you are a kid of a celebrity, or related to a celebrity. sometimes I think it’s a great motivator,” she adds.  There’s no doubt of her drive.  She’s already released a studio album and guest starred on several other shows.

 Cymphonique says she received a call about a month after her audition, and was told her video had been circulating around the network, “and we want to do something with you.”  Now, she’s shot 15 episodes of the Feb. 4-debuting show — and her brother is about to make a guest appearance. 

 “My dad has never been one to push me into the entertainment business at all.  He’s always saying, ‘Education is Number 1.’  That’s another reason I wanted to do it on my own,” she says.  “My family — they were definitely supporting me, but always telling me no matter what happens, make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons.  Never do it for the fame or the money, or you will not be happy.  When I said this is what love to do, what I want to do for the rest of my life, and this is my dream job, they were for it.”

Chelsie Hightower: Romeo Looking Good for ‘DWTS’

Romeo and Chelsie Hightower, ABC photo by Bob D'Amico

With 10 days to go before the premiere of  “Dancing With the Stars,” ballroom champ Chelsie Hightower says she’s excited about the progress her new partner, Romeo, is making.  “He’s definitely in it to go a long way, taking it very seriously and working his butt off.  He’s picking it up so quickly, and it’s obvious his athletic background is so helpful with that,” she says of the rapper once known as kid star Lil’ Romeo.  In terms of his body,  ‘There’s not a lot we have to do — he’s in great shape already.”  Plus, “He’s really easy to be around.  We laugh and play all day.”  They also hug goodbye,  as chronicled by paparazzi and numerous websites.

Asked which celebrity among the competition she has her eye on, Hightower noted that Disney Channel dream girl Chelsea Kane (formerly Staub) “is actually looking good.  I’ve seen a few sets she’s done and she’ll definitely be a competitor. She’s cute and sweet and lots of fun.”

Chelsie took a critical hammering for some of her choreography with Michael Bolton last season — particularly having the pop star make his entrance form a dog house for a “Hound Dog” number.  But she’s clear that she has no intention of letting naysayers cause her to pull back, creatively.  “You know what, if you don’t take risks, you’re not interesting.  The greater the risk, the greater the reward.  And at the end of the day it’s a TV show,” shrugs the beautiful blond, whose partners have also included rodeo star Ty Murray and extreme snowboarding champ Louie Vito.  “Sometimes it works,  sometimes it doesn’t.  You just have to move on and keep looking forward to the next week.”