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Garrett Morris Loving ‘2 Broke Girls’ Success Despite Critics’ Jabs

 “2 Broke Girls” keeps defying the critical loathing aimed its way by being a ratings success — not to mention winning a People’s Choice Award for favorite new comedy — and costar Garrett Morris is quite cheerful about that.  “We’re not trying to be politically correct.  We’re not trying to be ‘Family Matters’ or ‘Facts of Life’ and be acceptable to everybody.  We’re not saying everyone is going to like us,” says the funny man who rose to fame on “Saturday Night Live” and now plays diner cashier Earl.  “We have a different approach.”

According to Morris, we haven’t seen the end of Earl’s interaction with the fetching Jennifer Coolidge (he found her so hot, he landed in the hospital on the Valentine’s Day episode).  But as far as Earl’s future, he says he’s happy to “let the writers surprise me.

“I’m enjoying myself.  It’s one of the best atmospheres I’ve been in in my life.  The ladies are great,” he says of Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs.  “We change up sometimes and have one script one day and the next evening, another script, and they just jump in with energy, kicking any challenge.”

Morris, who was a music arranger and singer with Harry Belafonte before “SNL” — and had success in vehicles including “The Jamie Foxx Show” afterward — just celebrated his 75th birthday this month.  Besides being “Girls’” Earl, he gets great enjoyment out of owning and operating L.A.’s Downtown Comedy Club, and the fact young comics can hone their standup and be seen there.

As we speak, he lets us know that he just got word of a colleague’s death, which puts him in a reflective mood.  “I’ve been very fortunate.  There’ve been ups and downs, I haven’t been an angel.  In my career, I’ve had moments worthy of criticism, I’m aware of that,” he says.  “When you lose people or you’re ill for a minute, then you look around and see you’re still here, you have to thank providence, or God or whatever.  To live life fully and do what you want to do is such a gift.”

Jane Curtin: ‘Unforgettable’ Series Role Came ‘Out of Left Field’

'Unforgettable' Role no drain for Jane Curtin CBS photo

Jane Curtin returns to the tube tonight (2/7) joining the cast of  “Unforgettable” as an acerbic and demanding forensic pathologist who teaches romantic poetry on the side.  It’s a part the “Saturday Night Live,” “Kate & Allie” and “3rd Rock from the Sun” television favorite tells us came “out of left field.  My agent called and said, ‘You have an offer to become a regular character on a procedural cop show that started in September.’  It was such a great idea.  Why not?  It’s something I’ve never done, and I do like a challenge, so I’m doing it.”

She hasn’t asked why creators of the Poppy Montgomery crime drama thought of her for the part, and doesn’t plan to do so.  She knows better than that, she explains.  “When I was first starting in the business, I got a commercial and I wondered, ‘God, why did they pick me?'”  Then she found herself sitting next to the product manager on a plane ride, so she asked him.  “And he said, ‘Your face was big enough to superimpose a drain on,'” she recalls.

Curtin surmises that the “Unforgettable” series team was probably looking for her to bring some humor and lightness to her character, the tough and brilliant inspector, Joanne Webster.

She’s been working with the same technical advisor who helped Leslie Hendrix learn about the medical examiner’s work for “Law & Order,” she lest us know.  And that’s big, because “She set the standard for playing a medical examiner.  No one’s done it better than she.”  There are certainly an abundance of medical examiners on television – Dana Delany, Robert David Hall and David McCallum, to name just three.  Curtin is well aware of that.  Or, as she puts it, “Anybody who is anybody is a medical examiner these days.”

Naturally, “You wonder how you’re going to differentiate this particular medical examiner.  It’s not as if people who work in that end of medicine are lacking a sense of humor.  There are times when you use it to relieve the stress.  These human beings deal with a lot of stuff every day, and sometimes the only thing you can do is quote Monty Python lines.”

Chris Kattan: ‘When You Fall on Your A–You Really Learn’

Chris Kattan has been on and off the radar since leaving “Saturday Night Live” in 2003, but he tells us it’s all good — he’s learned so much since his departure.

“It was a great experience, but it really ages you and you’ve got to move on.  When I moved on, there was a little bit of a lull in my life because to do that for eight years is a real high and then it just stops,” he recalls.  “You’ve got to go to the next thing.  If there’s nothing to catch you, it’s hard.  You fall on your ass sometimes

Chris Kattan (Photograph courtesy of Kerry Monteen/IFC)

Chris Kattan (Photograph courtesy of Kerry Monteen/IFC)

but when you fall on your ass, you really learn.”

While he does miss the show at times, Kattan finally seems to be finding his footing in Hollywood.  Not only will he be starring in the new ABC sitcom “The Middle” alongside Patricia Heaton, but he’s also got the much-anticipated mini-series “Bollywood Hero,” premiering Aug. 6, 7, and 8 on IFC.  He explains of the dramatic comedy adventure, which was filmed by the “Slumdog Millionaire” crew in India, “I try to make it as a leading man in Hollywood and that doesn’t work out so I go to Bollywood to see if it will work out there.”  Some people in the Indian community were afraid the actor would be spoofing their culture, but not so is the case says Kattan.  “It was a concern of mine to make sure it wasn’t a spoof.  This is not ‘Saturday Night Live.’  This is more ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ meets ‘Lost in Translation.’ I think it’s going to be remembered for a while.”

Still, Kattan does have some fun with the Bollywood dance numbers.  In fact, the show’s executive producers and original concept creators, Belisa Balaban and Ted Skillman, tell us they have a hunch Kattan’s been waiting a long time to get his chance to be a proper song and dance man.  They say it was fun to see him get his chance

Eva Longoria’s newest rival on “Desperate Housewives,” Maiara Walsh, is holding out hopes that the changes and additions coming up in the new season will get people “excited about the show all over again.  They’re introducing a lot of younger characters so I think that will definitely pull in new viewers.  The writing for this season is really great so far – it’s very funny and quick.  I’m impressed by how much new life they can give to this show, which is now in its sixth season,” says the up and coming actress, who’s playing Eva’s manipulative niece.  Their relationship off-camera is much nicer than on.  Notes Walsh, “Most of my scenes are with Eva and she’s a sweetheart so I feel very lucky in that regard.  Her comedic timing is ridiculous.”

Maiara Walsh in "Corey in the House" (photo from Disney Channel/BOB D'AMICO

Maiara Walsh in "Corey in the House" (photo from Disney Channel/BOB D'AMICO


The beautiful 21-year-old is certainly no stranger to comedy as she is most known for playing Meena on the Disney show “Corey in the House.” She notes that making the transition from tween projects to adult roles is not an easy one and she just hopes her young fans continue to appreciate her work.

“I loved working on the Disney show, I really did.  I never saw it as my last stop, though,” she says.  “This is letting me branch out and try different characters.  Younger fans from the Disney Channel will have to understand I’m a young woman and as an actress I like to play different roles.  It really is a great opportunity.”

CASTING CORNER: A September start in Iowa has been set for Gil Cates, Jr.’s “Lucky” dark comedy – and what a tale the indie is bound to be.  Casting is underway now for the leading lady, a young independent spirit of a gal who finds herself fired and dumped by her boyfriend (also her boss) the same day.  Luckily, her childhood friend who has always been infatuated with her has won a lot of money, so she turns her attention to him, makes him over, marries him, discovers on their honeymoon that she has true feelings for him except, unluckily, he turns out to be…a serial killer.  Well, it’s definitely a plot we haven’t seen before.

With Queen Latifah and Common set to play a physical therapist and the pro basketball player with whom she gets involved, casting forces on “Just Wright” are looking to fill subsidiary roles.  Among those are some of Latifah’s character’s unlucky in love guys, such as a blind date who’s an attractive, snappy dresser.  They seem to hit it off until he starts talking about his recently-ended relationship and she realizes she’s being confronted with a guy on the rebound.

With reports by Emily-Fortune Feimster