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Gary Owen: Audiences Get Black-White Cultural Humor

It’s hectic time for comic Gary Owen, who’s been doing “Think Like a Man” movie promotion in-between dates as one of the headliners on the Shaquille O’Neal “All-Star Comedy Jam” tour — of which Gary is the newly-named host.  In fact, when the fourth CD of the “Shaq Tour,” as he calls it, is released toward the beginning of Fall, it’ll have Gary as emcee.  But first, there’s his “True Story” Showtime comedy special coming up this Spring.

The blond-haired, blue-eyed funnyman, who gets lots of comedy mileage out of racial mingling, tells us he has yet to encounter an audience that’s taken his jokes the wrong way.  “Sometimes I’m talking about race, but I’m not.  It’s not so much a racial thing, it’s a culture thing,” he says.  And he certainly knows of what he speaks.  “I’m talking about my kid.  The visual is in the audiences’ head:  black woman, mixed kid.  I only have to bring it up one time.”

Actually, Gary and his wife have two kids, 11 and nine, a daughter and son.  “It’s hard to be away from them so much of the time,” he says.  “That’s the only negative part of all this.  When they’re in the middle of their school year, you know, you can’t interrupt them.  At least in the summer you have more flexibility.”

He took time away from touring to act in the Friday (4/20)-opening “Think Like a Man” comedy based on Steve Harvey’s book, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man.   “The movie’s so good.  The book is a woman’s guide to how a man thinks.  What the movie’s about is how men would react if they found out their women got the book.  I love that it’s not a male-bashing movie or a woman-bashing movie.  Nobody’s dying.  There’s not an abusive husband.  Everyone’s shown in a positive light, as people really are, not playing into stereotypes.”  The ensemble cast also includes Jenifer Lewis, Chris Brown, Taraji P. Henson, Gabrielle Union, Michael Ealy, Kevin Hart and Regina Hall.

Edie Falco: ‘Nurse Jackie’ Hiatus Might Be Prime Time for Family

Edie Falco’s acclaimed “Nurse Jackie” returns to the Showtime lineup Sunday (4/8), while in real life, the actress is weighing whether to take on another role — or focus on her role as a mom during her hiatus this year.     “I’m looking at a whole bunch of stuff.  I’m sort of excited by the potential of some things coming up,” she tells us.  On the other hand, “It might not be the worst thing for me to take some time off.  It would actually be nice to be home for the kids and do some things.”

Her kids — adopted son and daughter Anderson and Macy — are now eight and four years old, respectively.  Edie has found that balancing work and motherhood, now that they’re a little older, “Is actually easier.  They come with me a lot.  They seem to enjoy themselves.  They run up and down the halls of the studio where I work. They know the people, play with the guys.  And when they don’t come with me, they understand when I say, ‘I’m going to be late tonight.’  I can actually sort of explain myself, and talk about it when they feel disappointed.”

Contrary to her real-life happy home, things are anything but healthy, smooth or fun for her pill-popping Nurse Jackie Peyton.  The beginning of the new season will find her “still fumbling around to find out exactly what her bottom is — what her last straw will be,” as Edie puts it.  As for Jackie’s work mates and loved ones, “Everybody’s tolerance for the insanity of addiction is different.”  Expect some big changes for Jackie this season.

Edie Falco Talks ‘Nurse Jackie’s’ Arrival On the Road to Ruin

Edie Falco Showtime photo

How much longer can Edie Falco’s “Nurse Jackie” remain on the road to ruin without arriving?  For three entertaining seasons now, viewers have seen Jackie’s pill addiction leading her into more and more lies and worse and worse problems, personally and professionally.  So, with Season 4 of the Showtime series ready to be unveiled April 8, one wonders, how much longer can she keep going?

“Everybody’s tolerance for the insanity of addiction is different,” points out the Emmy-winning star.  “We’ll see her still fumbling around to find out exactly what her bottom is, what her last straw is.”

But if she rehabs or overdoses, the show is over, right?

Not at all, assures Falco, 20 years sober this year and a long-time proponent of 12-step programs.  “I’m living proof of life after addiction,” she says.  “Actually, for a lot of people, the real insanity of life is when they quit drugs.  What they get to is what was underneath it all the time, and they have to deal with that without anesthetizing themselves.”

In the wake of Whitney Houston’s death, Falco is all the more mindful of how much she values her sobriety.  “As I’ve spoken to a lot of other recovering people, I feel tremendous gratitude,” she tells us. “Why can some of us make it out of the quicksand, and others can’t?  I don’t know.  Like many people, I have some friends who still can’t quite pull themselves out.”

She’s talked before about the necessity of “getting out of your own way” to survive and thrive.  What does that mean?  How does a person get out of his or her own way?

“It involves a great deal of relaxation, a great deal of trust and faith,” she replies.  “It’s not much more than a decision, really.  You don’t have to have proof that it works, you have to decide ‘This will work.’  What needs to get done will get done.  You will be given the impulses you will need to get through your life.  And the muscles to do that get stronger and stronger the more you do it.”

For those who wish to catch up, Season 3 of “Nurse Jackie” is newly out on DVD.