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Timothy Hutton Loving ‘Leverage’ Ratings Rise

Timothy Hutton TNT photo

You have to know the gang at Timothy Hutton’s “Leverage” is in a celebratory mood — with the TNT series attracting a 10 per cent ratings increase for its season opener last Sunday over its season premiere last year. Hutton is very happy with the ratings gains, of course. “It definitely feels good. We’re very happy to be on at nine o’clock on Sundays. This year, to return to the same timeslot turned out to be a good decision for the show.”

Demographic breakdowns also show that younger viewers have been cottoning to the series that follows the high tech, high risk capers of a group of modernday Robin Hoods. Notes Hutton, “I think we always felt, TNT and the producers always felt, that the appeal of the show couldn’t be pinpointed to any one group.”

As this season unfolds, not only will his Nate Ford character be dealing with the ramifications of his romance with sexy grifter Sophie Devereaux (Gina Bellman) — but “a shadowy group that is following the Leverage team. That’s a strong arc.”

Timothy Hutton: What’s Next for ‘Leverage’ Love Duo

Gina Bellman, Timothy Hutton TNT photo

Television series creators who make the most of sexual tension between characters always take a risk when they decide to bring their long-lusting couples together — which is just what happened at the end of Timothy Hutton’s “Leverage” last season.  Viewers got a surprise when it turned out that Sophie Devereaux (Gina Bellman) was hidden under the covers of his character, Nate Ford’s bed.  But Hutton says their furtive romance has brought a whole different tension to the hit drama about an elite team of modernday Robin Hoods that returns to the TNT lineup June 26.

“When last we left Sophie and Nate, they were in that hotel room in San Lorenzo.  So when we start off this season, they have to figure out how to tell the team they’re seeing each other, whether it’s a good idea or bad idea to tell the team.  They decide it’s a bad idea.  Then they have to wonder whether other members of the team know.  And it’s very sticky for Nate and Sophie, how to define the relationship, how it’s going to interfere with the work.  We’re dealing with it in very kind of awkwardly funny moments.”

That is not to say that “Leverage” has any less of its usual quotient of capers.   For instance, Leon Rippy of “Saving Grace” and “Deadwood” “comes in and plays a very shadowy character who, it turns out, has been aware of the Leverage team’s every move.  The team doesn’t know how to classify him.  What is it he wants?  There’s a whole arc involving him,” Hutton says.

As far as special episodes on the way, “There’s a story about a human heart being carried through an airport that gets stolen by someone to be put on the black market for organs.  The Leverage team has to come in and save the day so the proper recipient gets it.  That episode is being done in real time, because obviously there is only a finite amount of time that the organ is viable.  It’s the ultimate ticking clock.”
This is the third year the “Leverage” company has worked in Oregon, and “I love it here,” he volunteers.  “I live here six months of the year.  It really is quite a family up here.”

Hutton’s younger son, Milo, joins him whenever he has a break from his school in Paris, where he lives part-time with his mother (Hutton’s former wife, illustrator Aurore Giscard d’Estaing).  As for whether he’s likely to follow his dad into show business?  “He’s nine, so I just hope he gets interested in as many things as possible.  He loves being on the set right now.  He’s also a big ‘Harry Potter’ fan, a big ‘Indiana Jones’ fan.  He’s into sports, too.”

Elder son Noah, from Hutton’s first marriage, to Debra Winger, “is already doing quite well in his own career as a documentary filmmaker,” says Hutton.  He’s a music composer-editor-filmmaker-writer — very comfortable behind the camera.  I don’t think he’ll be going out in front of it.  I’m very proud of him.”

Tim Hutton and Wife Aurore ‘Trying to Work Things Out’

Timothy Hutton TNT photo

Timothy Hutton’s been enjoying some fatherhood time while he’s busy shooting the third season of his TNT “Leverage” series on location in Oregon. With him much of the time have been his sons, 23-year-old Noah, by ex-wife Debra Winger, and seven-year-old Milo, by his present wife, French illustrator Aurore Giscard d’Estaing. Tabloid reports had the couple splitting last summer, but Hutton says, “We’re trying to work things out.”

Aurore headquarters in France, where Milo goes to school. And regardless of the rough patch the marriage has been going through this past year, Hutton says that as soon as the third season of “Leverage” wraps in August, “I’ll be heading back to France immediately.”

He also hopes to get a directorial assignment in the works during hiatus, and is looking forward to a fourth season of the high tech caper show in which he and his crew pull cons on villains. The fact that “Leverage” has been moved to a time slot on Sunday nights this season, launching June 20, bodes well for the program, he believes. “I’m thrilled by the show’s placement,” he says. “I’d love to see it go for a fourth season.”

Or more.

Timothy Hutton’s ‘Leverage’ Character will Clean Up, but…

Timothy Hutton as Nathan Ford in "Leverage" TNT photo

Timothy Hutton’s character in TNT’s ‘Leverage’ will be cleaning up his act again as the third season of the show gets underway.

Hutton, who leads a team of expert criminals in the Robin Hood-style adventure yarn, will be leaving his alcoholism behind when the third season of the show launches on June 20. Says the actor of his Nathan Ford character, ‘Last season he tried to give up drinking, but it didn’t last. This season he’s definitely off the bottle. In the past he would deal with his problems by going back on the bottle. Now he wants to be a good leader and to stay sober.’

How long that will last is questionable. Says Timothy, ‘Some mysterious figure comes out of the shadow about a month into the new season, and that might unravel Nate again. He’s a person Nate would rather not see and he plays such a big part in the story that the show is trying to keep his story a secret for now.’

Hutton recently won a Prism Award for his accurate depiction of a character that’s been described in the past as ‘a functioning alcoholic.’

Asked why he feels so many of the lead characters on TV series (‘Nurse Jackie,’ ‘Breaking Bad,’ ‘House,’ etc.) are flawed, he notes, ‘It’s a reflection of life — people can identify with such problems. They’re the same issues regular people go through.’

Despite Detention, Polanski Hands-On With Film

Timothy Hutton

Timothy Hutton

Timothy Hutton was glad to hear the news that Roman Polanski’s “Ghost Writer” will premiere at the Berlin Film Festival in February — despite the fact Polanski remains under house arrest in Switzerland awaiting extradition to the U.S. on his 1978 conviction for having unlawful sex with a 13-year-old girl. But, Hutton wasn’t surprised.

The embattled director continued to supervise post-production work on his latest movie when he was imprisoned near Zurich, as well as when he was allowed to return to his Swiss chalet.

“I knew looping and sound work had been done with the different actors and it was on track to come out next year,” Hutton says. “I don’t know the details of how the film has been worked on, but I’m sure that he’s involved with every aspect of it, every detail.”

Hutton plays an American lawyer representing the British prime minister in the feature. The adaptation of Robert Harris’ novel, it’s about a writer recruited to help a disgraced PM (said to be a thinly-veiled Tony Blair) produce his memoirs against the backdrop of a possible indictment at the international criminal court. Pierce Brosnan and Ewan McGregor play the prime minister and the writer, respectively.

“I think it’s going to be a really terrific film,” Hutton says.

Hutton was, of course, stunned when Polanski was arrested last September. “I mean, yeah, it was just a few months before we were all working on the film,” he notes. As for his feelings on the matter? “All I care to say about it is that I had a really great experience working on the film.”

Hutton is due to return to the cameras for Season 3 production of his terrific TNT “Leverage” series in March. The show, in which he plays the mastermind of a group of tech-savvy con artists who employ their skills to bring down bad guys, returns to the lineup Jan. 13. First, time off with his sons, ages eight and 22, and “the cousins are coming up to my house in upstate New York. We’re hoping to get up to one of the local ski areas. A couple of the kids have never skied.”

THE VIDEOLAND VIEW: Jana Kramer tells us she loves her gig as the newest bad girl, Alex, on the CW’s “One Tree Hill,” but adjusting to life in North Carolina hasn’t been as easy. She’s especially missing being with her boyfriend Johnathon Schaech, who she met when the two filmed “Prom Night” together.

“It’s totally a different world out here in Wilmington. I was like, ‘Where’s the town?’ And, they said, ‘This is the town.’ I’m like, ‘It’s only five blocks!’ I fly back to L.A. when I can to spend time with my boyfriend. It’s hard, though. I’m so tired of being in an airplane,” she says. “My boyfriend was just in the country Georgia, so that was really difficult because he was gone for three months. Now that he’s back in L.A. it’s a lot easier.”

Luckily, the cast has become like a second family to Kramer. “I was really nervous when I first came on board because everybody’s been on this show for seven years now. I was worried in particular about Sophia [Bush], because you never know how girls are, and this being primarily her show, but she was extremely welcoming. Sophia, Lisa and I hang out all the time. Everybody’s pretty close because you kind of have to be, since most of our friends are in L.A.”

Now, Kramer just hopes the long-running show has a little more steam left in it. “We just keep crossing our fingers. Hopefully, it sticks around a couple of more years because I just got on the show. It’d be nice to have something steady and to have more time to explore the character, but I’ve learned to never get your hopes up in this business because things change so quickly.”

INDUSTRY BITS: The Russell Brand-Jonah Hill “Get Him to the Greek” shot last summer, but they’re adding new material to the feature expected in June, with production to commence mid-January. Among the parts being cast are a newscaster and two beautiful and sexy girls, one of whom will be required to go topless.

“Greek” has Brand reprising his Aldous Hill, wayward rock legend, role from “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” with Hill as the record company intern charged with getting him to show up to perform his own comeback concert.

Casting is underway for a pilot presentation for a new reality-style TV drama called “Nowhere Home,” following the lives of four runaway teenagers — three girls and a guy, ages 13 to 18. Let us hope the producers don’t choose to glamorize their lives.

With reports by Emily-Fortune Feimster