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Jay Mohr: Life on the Road is Better With Baby (and Wife Nikki Cox) On Board

Jay Mohr

Jay Mohr is finding life on the road a whole different experience with wife Nikki Cox and their baby son along for the trek.  “It’s a lot better with them here than without them,” declares the comic-actor-author, who’s been doing a string of standup dates.  “I don’t have to worry about waking up early for radio interviews.  With a seven-month-old along, I’m already up.”

But he works nights.  When does he sleep?  “I’m a great napper.  I never mind getting up early, because I know I’ll be able to knock down an hour and a half in the afternoon,” says Mohr.  He’s also big on snoozing during flights.  “My wife said if I ever get insomnia, she’s going to put an airline seat in the bedroom.  I never understand people being awake on planes.  Why? We’re in a tube!  It’s made for sleeping.  Why are you reading?!  Close your eyes!”

He’s done four episodes of ABC’s hit “Suburgatory” so far, playing the wealthy, usually-absent husband of Cheryl Hines’ character.  “I would love it if that was my job, if they had me every week, that would make me very happy,” he says.  “It’s a ridiculously well-written show.  I’d love it if it went the same way as ‘Ghost Whisperer,’ where I burrow in and end up on the show.”

He compares his character to Eric Bana’s in Judd Apatow’s “Funny People” — the kind of guy who’d grab another guy to do bench presses together and is “way too comfortable being naked in the locker room.”  He muses about working in a shoe fetish.  We’ll see!

Mohr wonders, in fact, when he’ll get the chance to work his comedic chops on the big screen in something by Apatow or another funny filmmaker.  Despite the many non-comedic characters on his film resume (who could forget his backstabbing creep of a sports agent in “Jerry Maguire”?), curiously, “I never really got to play a comedy role on film.  I’ve never been the wacky surf instructor in ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall,'” points out Mohr, who rose to fame on “Saturday Night Live.”

Nikki's and Jay's doggie counterparts

Mohr and Cox will be heard as the voices of a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle who fall in love — and then conspire to get their owners together — in this Saturday’s (11/19) made-for-television movie, “A Christmas Wedding Tail.”  Jennie Garth, Tom Arnold and Brad Rowe also star in the fun Hallmark Channel movie that will be released on DVD as of Dec. 6. 

Of course, one day it’s bound to be highly entertaining to seven-month-old Meredith Daniel Mohr to see his mom and dad as dogs in love .  “That’s one of the reasons to do a movie like this — it’s something your kids will be able to watch,” says Mohr, who also has a nine-year-old son.  “If I was a swinging bachelor, I wouldn’t have been as excited about it.  You also want to be in Hallmark’s Rollidex.  Their quality control is exceptional; they’re going to make sure you’re protected.”

With two successful books behind him (Gasping for Airtime: Two Years in the Trenches of Saturday Night Live  and No Wonder My Parents Drank: Tales from a Stand-Up Dad), Mohr says he’s thinking of a third.  “It would be 18 Big Breaks: Failing Upwards for 20 Years.  I don’t know of anybody who’s had one big break that’s set them up for 20 years.  If you’re lucky, you have about 20 big breaks.  I’m still waiting for a successful show.”

But he’s done so many, varied things.

Replies Mohr:  “I’ve only done so much because so many things haven’t worked out.”