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Stars Turn Out to Honor Hero Dogs

James Denton and Beth Stern

James Denton and Beth Stern

Marlee Matlin, Pauley Perrette, Larry Miller, Kellie Martin, Cristina Ferrare and Mark Steines were among the celebrity dog lovers who turned out the other night at the Beverly Hilton Hotel to honor a group of very special pooches at the American Humane Association’s Fourth Annual Hero Dog Awards. The awards will be shown on the Hallmark Channel Oct. 30.

With this year’s group of honorees representing one moving story after another, it was a four-hanky affair.

There were interesting stories on the human side as well. James Denton was a last-minute replacement for Terry Bradshaw, who bowed out of co-hosting duties with Beth Stern in the wake of the stunning news of the death of Bradshaw’s son-in-law, former Tennessee Titans player Rob Bironas, in an automobile accident. The former “Desperate Housewives” actor gamely dove in, getting some of his best laughs of the night via a video bit showing him “interviewing” dogs and other critters using a device that purportedly translated their thoughts.

Between takes, Denton asked Stern how come there had been so many “Desperate Housewives” Mike-the-plumber jokes through the evening, but not a single quip about Beth’s husband, Howard Stern. “It’s in my contract,” the beauteous blond Mrs. Stern replied with a dazzling smile. Then the “Kitten Bowl” host told the crowd that Howard was home taking care of their 15 cats. The Sterns, we are told, have successfully fostered and placed more than 50 cats to date.

Wilson Phillips performed. The ’90s favorites are in the midst of a string of concert dates right now, including one at Beverly Hills’ Saban Theatre last week during which Chynna Phillips’ mother, Michelle Phillips, joined them onstage to sing “California Dreamin'”. The last surviving member of the iconic 1960s group The Mamas and the Papas was present at the Hero Dog Awards also, looking lovely at age 70 in a flowing white gown.

Chynna talked to her “mommie” several times from onstage and it was as sweet as Wilson Phillips’ singing “God Only Knows” backed by photos of their dogs.

Of course, the night really belonged to the hero dogs and their stories. For instance, there was the tearful parting and joyous reunion of a soldier and his four-legged buddy after tours of duty in Afghanistan; the fluffy white friend who turned out to have a gift for early detection of a little girl’s life-threatening extreme allergic attacks; the amazing career of a 15-year-old search and rescue dog whose first assignment was Ground Zero after the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks. And the over-all winner of the 2014 Hero Dog Awards, Susie the therapy dog, a Pit Bull mix whose story of the healing power of forgiveness and love exemplifies what the event is all about.

For Chynna Phillips, ‘DWTS’ Marks Reunion (With Chaz Bono) and Return to Show Biz

Chynna Phillips, Tony Dovolani ABC photo by Adam Taylor

“Dancing With the Stars” has marked a reunion for Chynna Phillips and Chaz Bono, who were thrown together as little kids due to their respective music super star parents.  “Interestingly enough, my mom and Cher used to be buddies,” recalls Chynna, daughter of Mamas and the Papas’ Michelle Phillips and the late John Phillips.  “I used to go over to Chaz’ house.  I have vivid memories of running around with Chaz as kids.  They had a huge, huge house.  I remember being taken a little aback by how grand the home was.  I remember Chaz always being kind and sweet,” she adds.  “We’ve been catching up, for sure.”

Of course, socializing is a side issue of “DWTS” for the beautiful blond Wilson Phillips singing star.  Chynna is making a declaration, via the competition, that she’s ready to turn her energies back to show business.

“I’ve been in Mommy mode the past 11 years, so to do this, I have had to literally retrain my mind.  It’s been sippy cups and drop-offs, and now it’s arm extensions and arabesques.  Oh, my gosh.  This is not where my head is at,” she says with a laugh. 

She also says, “I’m looking forward to resurrecing the Chynna Phillips brand, so to speak — singing, acting, maybe coming up with my own branding line of something in fashion.”  She notes that she and her Wilson Phillips band mates, Carnie and Wendy Wilson, have been doing some one-off dates of late.  Now she’s hoping they can put together a tour.  (“DWTS” viewers will soon see her dancing to Wilson Phillips’ first No. 1 hit, “Hold On.”)  Carnie and Wendy have been in the “DWTS” audience, cheering her on.

So has her family — husband William Baldwin, daughters Jameson and Brooke and son Vance.  Plus Michelle Phillips, and, soon, sister Bijou, she says.   

“I’m getting a ton of support from them.  Billy is Mr. Mom, doing the pickups and dropoffs, schlepping the kids to Los Angeles so I can see them a few times a week — which has really been helpful,” says Chynna, who is based in scenic Santa Barbara, about 90 miles away.  “They come on Friday and stay on the weekend, and I go up on Wednesdays.  It’s challenging, but you have to look at the whole picture.  It’s only 12 weeks.”

Chynna has another motive close to her heart in signing up for “DWTS.”  She wants to draw attention the plight of some 30,000 orphanis in Tijuana, Mexico.  “It’s super heartbreaking, how many are on the streets.  And then there are the ones that are in orphanages that are like baby jails, literally with cells.  They’re only let out an hour or two a day.”  She’s working with the Los Angelitos orphanage, raising money for a new 60-room dorm there.