THE BECK/SMITH VAULT: Farrah Fawcett-Majors Free to Pursue Career – As Long as Housework is Done

Farrah Fawcett Majors "Charlie's Angels"

Farrah Fawcett Majors "Charlie's Angels"

Oct. 4, 1976

Farrah Fawcett-Majors Free to Pursue Career  – As Long as Housework is Done

By Marilyn Beck

HOLLYWOOD – Farrah Fawcett-Majors says that the grind of starring in ABC’s “Charlie’s Angels” series isn’t giving her an excuse to escape from domestic duties.  And that’s the way she feels things should be.

The beautiful, 28-year-old wife of “$6 Million Man” lead Lee Majors likes the arrangement they share. Though both are working dawn-to-dusk on their shows, Farrah assumes the traditional wifely duties of keeping house – while Lee maintains the responsibility of supporting her.

Farrah suspects that her approval of such an arrangement might make her “A prime target of women’s libbers – and I’m sorry about that, because I believe in women’s lib.  But I like my life with Lee – enjoy having him the dominant figure, and my not having to support the family.

“I can be choosy about the roles I accept.  Lee can’t. And he wouldn’t care if I never worked again, he just wants me to do what makes me happy.”

As long as it doesn’t interfere with their established domestic routine.

The way Farrah outlines their relationship, “It’s fine with Lee if I work – but I still have to keep house.  Though I may not be doing all the cooking and cleaning myself, I do have to plan the meals and oversee the work of the gardener and housekeepers.  He expects me to take total charge of our home, and I don’t resent it.”

She does admit that she sometimes gets to wishing that her man would help out a bit more at home, and says tat at times she has to remind him, “Hey, we’re equals, remember?”

*          *          *

Interview with Farrah Fawcett Majors, conducted 9-16-1976 by Andee Beck includes the following:

“When people say I’m beautiful, I go to myself, ‘Well, I fooled another one!’  I look around and see beautiful women like Catherine Deneuve and I don’t believe that I’m pretty.  I think the reason others think I’m beautiful is partly because of my charisma.”


“This is like the movies, you know?  Who would think there would be a poster of me?  I can remember looking at Raquel Welch’s poster.  They wanted me in a bikini, but I just don’t like cheesecaky poses.

“It seems like I’d be a prime target for women’s libbers, but I’ve never been attacked by them…

“What I used to worry about was, ‘Is mother going to think I didn’t keep my legs together, that I wore an ugly dress?’  I still care about what my parents think, and about what Lee thinks.  But I don’t care what the public thinks, if my smile is too big or whatever.  Deep down I do feel a responsibility to my friends.

“I’m not thinking about where I’ll be tomorrow, where my career will be.  When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a nun, then a doctor.  It changed from day to day.  I never dreamed of being an actress.  And now I’m here.

“When everything happens so fast, when stardom hits, it takes you back.  I now have less time to spend with friends.  Things change in their importance.”…

“If I weren’t working now, I’d be doing my sculpture or something else.  It’s fine if I work, but I still have to keep house.  I have to plan the meals.”…

“Lee’s been very good about my production schedule.  He leaves the house at 6 every morning, he’s home at 8 p.m..  If I get up after him and come home a few minutes before him, he doesn’t seem to realize I haven’t been home all day.  We try to limit work on weekends.  It’s our time together.  I just hope our hiatus schedules work out together.”

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    I remembered vividly interviewing her as her now-famous pinup posters arrived, and how really very nice she seemed. Strange that I didn’t remember all the domestic goddess stuff. Memory is selective, eh?

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