Russell Brand’s Agenda Includes Global Revolution, but Not Upsetting Pop Stars

Russell Brand

Russell Brand

Bad boy English comedian/actor Russell Brand is known to stir the pot, but MTV clearly doesn’t mind.  After offending viewers with remarks about the Jonas Brothers, Britney Spears, and George W. Bush at last year’s Video Music Awards, Brand is back to host this year’s show, airing Sunday (9/13). 

 “When they asked me back, I thought, ‘They must like controversy.’  Last year I was quite intrigued by the Jonas Brothers and they were there performing.  I only make jokes about things because they’re there.  It’s not like I’ve got an agenda,” Brand tells us.  “Well, actually, ironically, I do have an agenda, but it does not include pop stars.  It’s a global revolution — the dissolution of religion, commerce, consumerism, and the utopia founded on the idea of one objective of spiritual uniting.”  Hey, at least he keeps it broad! 

 As far as any thought of self-censorship this time around, Brand says, “There’s no point in being disingenuous.  You can look inside yourself and work out whether or not something is fundamentally bad or whether it’s just people being silly.  If I look inside myself and I see no darkness then it’s alright,” he claims.  “I don’t want to make anybody unhappy.  I want to make people love, that’s all.” 

 Brand says he’s certainly up to the task.  “It’s challenging to do awards shows.  If you had to do it, you’d think, ‘Oh my God, it’s so hard to stand in front of all those people and cameras.’  It’s just whether or not you have enough narcissism to overcome it and fortunately or unfortunately I do.”  

 Overall, Brand says there’s a great show in store.  “Jay-Z is performing, Beyonce, Pink, Taylor Swift, but I’m not really her demographic.  She’s more for the younger folk.  And there will be a tribute to Michael Jackson at the beginning of the show.  It’s going to be a phenomenal evening.  I’m there merely to preside over it.”   

 Emily-Fortune Feimster

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