Aaron Carter Wants Pop Star Pals on Michael Jackson Tribute Record

Aaron Carter
Aaron Carter

Aaron Carter reports he’s had “so much great feedback” on his “Follow You to Heaven” song in honor of his late friend, Michael Jackson – “and I haven’t even finished the record yet.”

 The pop singer started work on “Follow You to Heaven” as his way of dealing with Jackson’s death in June, and posted his early recording sessions on line.  Now, he wants to turn the song into a bigger memorial. 

 “I’m just waiting to hear back from some friends, and, you know, get some other people on the record with me,” he tells us.  “It’s for Michael, most importantly. That’s what the record was for, out of respect for him.  I would love to get Beyonce on it, my brother and the Boys on it — anybody who’d be interested on this record,” he adds, referring to elder sibling Nick and The Backstreet Boys.

 The 21-year-old former phenom is currently spending around five hours a day training for his forthcoming stint on “Dancing With the Stars” with his partner, Karina Smirnoff.  The hit ABC show, premiering Sept. 21, could give his career a needed jolt.  He admits he winds each day exhausted, but when asked if it’s all-consuming, he says, “You’d think it would be, but I’ve been able to work on my album, on my music.  It’s been really great.  It’s been so busy, but I love to be busy.”

 He has a jacket Michael Jackson gave to him “around for luck.  He gave it to me, you know, just as a friend and someone who appreciated what I did in the music industry and vice versa.  I’m very lucky to have it and it will remain in my family.”

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  1. june

    Aaron, you little pissant, just read your piece in June 2011’s OK sleazebag mag where it’s reported you said “I was also troubled about what he did to me.” “Michael gave me wine, he gave me drugs. I admired Michael but his behavior bothered me a lot. Then my mother called the police.” Now that you have betrayed your friend, no one will buy your upcoming album, are you aware of that? Did you forget what you said many times in 2004 and later and in this article above what a great friend Michael was to you? And many have now twittered to you asking if these words were your true words. In this case silence is ACQUIESENCE. So you did say the words in O.K. mag; absent denial we accept them as your true words.

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