‘Community’ Finale a Game-Changer says Yvette Nicole Brown

Yvette Nicole Brown NBC photo

Look out, ‘Community’ fans — tonight’s (5/20) season finale episode ‘is a real game-changer.’ So reports the show’s Yvette Nicole Brown, who adds, ‘The study group as we know it may shift next season. What takes place in the last five to seven minutes of the episode will change the dynamic of a lot of relationships. Some will love it, some hate it. Some will go ‘Yeah! Yeah!’ and some will go, ‘What?”

How does the actress feel about it? ‘I think it’s interesting. I don’t know that I saw it coming,’ she says. ‘It doesn’t involve my character so much, so I get to be more like an observer.’

Whatever the response to the changes, the Joel McHale series featuring Chevy Chase is assured a return next season. Brown, who’s amassing her own following as loopy advice-dispensing, Baptist divorcee Shirley, feels confident her character will ‘continue to have her ups and downs, but whatever she goes through, it will be for good reasons. As crazy as our show is, it has a lot of heart.’

A Christian herself, Brown says that series creator Dan Harmon has been, and continues to be, respectful of her faith as he writes Shirley. ‘If he does something with her that creates a crisis of faith, it will be in a good way and nothing that will go against what I believe,’ she says.

In fact, Harmon has taken some cues from Brown herself when it comes to putting words into her mouth. The effervescent actress admits that friends and family ‘think I’m playing myself. Maybe a cartoon version of me. I don’t think I’m as judgmental as Shirley. My mom is convinced I’m playing her.’ And that view has some merit, Brown admits. Like Shirley, she was a divorced single parent ‘who could be very tough when she felt her babies were threatened. I saw her as sweet, kind of like a Muppet. Shirley also has those two sides.’