Carrie Ann Inaba Finds Balance

Carrie Ann Inaba ABC photo

Carrie Ann Inaba tells us her life can become quite hectic when filming ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ which has its 10th season finale this week, but she’s been able to find a healthy balance outside of the studio.

‘Since starting the show, I’ve decided I want to do a lot more with giving back.  I just love it.  I love working, and you go and do a good job and something comes of it.  It’s the same when I go and spend my day where I’m canning food or going out to help homeless people. It’s brought a lot of balance back in my life so I’m very grateful for that.  It’s given me something that makes me feel good about myself,’ claims Inaba, who gets enough drama in her life as a judge on the show.

‘When you are a judge and you have very strong opinions, people will come up and argue with you or blog about you saying very negative things.  I’ve learned that you can look at all of the different opinions, but you really have to find who you are and not let all of that sway you.  That’s been a really challenging, but wonderful thing for me,’ says Inaba, who isn’t known for sugar coating her comments to the professional dancers.

‘I think we have a mutual respect.  Of course in the heat of the moment, I’m sure the professionals get upset with some of our comments,’ she admits.  ‘There are three of us and we all have slightly different opinions so I think that keeps it fair.’ — Emily-Fortune Feimster