Intimate — Awkward — Scene Dropped from ‘Special Relationship’ Reports Hope Davis

Hope Davis

The 1998 moment when Bill Clinton tells Hillary that the Monica Lewinsky situation is more serious than he’s been letting on is brought to wrenching and realistic life by Dennis Quaid and Hope Davis, who play the Clintons in HBO’s May 29 ‘The Special Relationship.’ The actress now discloses that, ‘There was a scene that was written and shot that did explore more of what was said between them. In the end it was not included, which was smart on their part,’ she says, referring to director Richard Loncraine and writer/executive producer Peter Morgan. ‘It felt very strange trying to shoot it. It was a very uncomfortable feeling.’

The drama about the special relationship between the Clintons and their British counterparts, Tony and Cherie Blair, only deals with the Lewinsky scandal insofar as it pertains to the historical saga. ‘I felt, the less said, the better,’ Davis says. ‘Everybody knows what would happen. It was a shame that they had to have gone through that in public.’

She admits she was ‘very, very intimidated by the idea of playing someone as well-known as Hillary Rodham Clinton.’ But her performance is superb. As far as Hillary’s response, ‘I doubt she’ll have time to see it. She is, after all, a very, very busy person. But I’ve been told that people from her camp who have seen it think she would be pleased with it. I think the film is really, really good, and tells an important story, examining how these personal relationships affect the public.’