Patricia Arquette Ready for More ‘Medium’ — or Not

Patricia Arquette "Medium"

Pundits have had a hard time predicting whether this will be the final season for Patricia Arquette’s five-year-old “Medium” – or not.  Arquette herself seems ready for either a yea or nay.

“You never know as an actor what the future holds.  I’ll always be grateful for this a great time in my life,” she tells us.  “I’ve been able to play really interesting things the writers have written – different time periods, different personalities, all kinds of amazing things.”

She’s also enjoyed her on-camera family, series hubby Jake Weber and daughters Sofia Vassilieva, Maria Lark, and twins Madison and Miranda Carabello (who share the role of Marie).  “It’s so great to watch these girls grow up into such incredible young women.  All the girls are taking on more and more and expressing their voices as actresses.  Me and Jake love acting.  We have great respect for it.  They literally at us down and asked, ‘How do you prepare for a part?  What do you do first?  How do you break down a scene, a script?’  It’s impressive.”

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