“Shark Tank’ a Win for Daymond John Regardless of Future

Daymond John

ABC may have left ‘Shark Tank’ off its fall schedule, but executive say the reality show may have life in it yet. No matter what its future, branding expert, mogul and ‘Shark Tank’ shark Daymond John sees the show as a win-win. ‘It’s been very good for my personal brand. Before the show, people didn’t have an understanding of what I do. They expected the FUBU guy to come in break dancing and wearing gold teeth,’ notes the man whose urban fashion line became the cornerstone of a multiple-company empire. ‘When they see me on TV, they see the business aspect. It’s business and not about a color or particular product.’

He also expects to make money from the investments he’s made on ‘Shark Tank,’ although he tells us, ‘I’m not going to see returns on those things for another three years. Getting products placed at The Sharper Image; Bed, Bath & Beyond and other major stores is a huge boon to these people,’ he says of the ‘Shark Tank’ contestants. ‘They would not normally look at products without a background, but due to the show, they’re ready to take them into their stores and test them.’

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