Timothy Hutton’s ‘Leverage’ Character will Clean Up, but…

Timothy Hutton as Nathan Ford in "Leverage" TNT photo

Timothy Hutton’s character in TNT’s ‘Leverage’ will be cleaning up his act again as the third season of the show gets underway.

Hutton, who leads a team of expert criminals in the Robin Hood-style adventure yarn, will be leaving his alcoholism behind when the third season of the show launches on June 20. Says the actor of his Nathan Ford character, ‘Last season he tried to give up drinking, but it didn’t last. This season he’s definitely off the bottle. In the past he would deal with his problems by going back on the bottle. Now he wants to be a good leader and to stay sober.’

How long that will last is questionable. Says Timothy, ‘Some mysterious figure comes out of the shadow about a month into the new season, and that might unravel Nate again. He’s a person Nate would rather not see and he plays such a big part in the story that the show is trying to keep his story a secret for now.’

Hutton recently won a Prism Award for his accurate depiction of a character that’s been described in the past as ‘a functioning alcoholic.’

Asked why he feels so many of the lead characters on TV series (‘Nurse Jackie,’ ‘Breaking Bad,’ ‘House,’ etc.) are flawed, he notes, ‘It’s a reflection of life — people can identify with such problems. They’re the same issues regular people go through.’