Watch Out — Now it’s Walter White Jr. ‘Breaking Bad’

RJ Mitte "Breaking Bad" AMC Photo

Look out, “Breaking Bad” fans.  As nerve-shattering as critics agree the past few episodes of the Bryan Cranston series have been, there are more stunners coming.

“Keep your eyes on my character.  You’ll start seeing a big change in the next three episodes.  The sky is the limit with him.”  So says RJ Mitte, who plays Cranston’s son, Walter White Jr., on the highly-decorated AMC show.  Like his TV alter-ego, RJ has a mild case of cerebral palsy.

“I was really excited about what I have coming up.  He really comes of age.  He could be going to the bad side,” reports the 17-year-old actor.  “Things are definitely going to go wild for the whole family.”

RJ says that when it comes to working with his disability, the “Breaking Bad” team is very free about asking if certain physical activity, camera angles and so on can work for him in scenes, and making changes if necessary.  However, when it comes to Walt Jr.’s storylines, “I think the writers aren’t thinking about the disability so much as real life.  People with disabilities are just like anyone else,” he notes.

“It’s a fun character to play, very interesting, very complicated.  You have to really put yourself into what he’s going through to play it,” he adds. “Your parents are getting divorced, your dad’s dying and there’s all this other stuff going on.”  That other stuff would be Dad’s crystal meth business and all its violent and otherwise nasty ramifications.

With a possible fourth season production start on “Breaking Bad” late this summer, RJ says he has a couple of potential movie roles on the horizon, and a trek to New York to speak on behalf of  the Screen Actors Guild’s I AM PWD (Inclusion in the Arts & Media of People With Disabilities) program, for which he serves as national spokesman.  But his biggest excitement: “I have a prom next month.”  He’s escorting a friend to her prom in Philadelphia, and right now, getting his tux and everything else organized for the trip is at the forefront of his mind.

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