Olivia Newton-John Recounts What Made Her Decide on ‘Grease’

Olivia Newton-John

Olivia Newton-John, fresh from her too-funny cameo in the “Glee” season finale, will be all over the place again this July — due to Paramount’s release of “Grease: Sing-A-Long,” the studio-sanctioned version of the audience participation screenings fans have been organizing for years.

Looking back on the making of the beloved musical, Newton-John admits, “I was 29 and worried that I didn’t look young enough” to get away with playing a high school girl. She recounts to Entertainment Weekly, in the issue hitting stands tomorrow (6/18), that what obliterated her reservations was John Travolta visiting her at her home. “John and I had great chemistry from the first time we met,” she says. “We’re bonded forever on celluloid.”

Making the movie certainly had its challenges. She recalls shooting the
dance contest scene in a downtown L.A. high school with no air conditioning. “It was really hot. We were near an abattoir, so it was smelly, too. I was a little nervous to dance with John. He’s a fantastic dancer. I hadn’t seen ‘Saturday
Night Fever’ at that time. If I had, I would have been totally intimidated.”

]”Grease” became a 1978 phenomenon, complete with a chart-topping soundtrack. “I don’t think we ever imagined it would become so popular and go for so long,” says Newton-John. “But every seven years or so, a new group of kids finds the

Didi Conn, who played Frenchy, told EW about her immortal “Beauty School
Dropout” number with Frankie Avalon. “I didn’t have to act. He was so gorgeous. I’m drooling looking at it now … I just remember his lips. He has the most beautiful lips. He still looks good!”

The mag also includes a look at where the “Grease” alumni are today.

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