Jimmy Smits’ New Series Tackling Arizona Immigration Controversy says David Ramsey

David Ramsey

Jimmy Smits’ forthcoming “Outlaw” series isn’t wasting any time getting into controversial territory.  “We are taking head-on Arizona headlines in immigration reform,” reports series costar David Ramsey

He reports that the team is shooting its third episode (including the pilot) of the NBC drama now. “We are talking about immigration reform in a very interesting way.  Garza has some interesting opinions on it,” he adds of Smits’ character, a Supreme Court Justice who leaves the bench and goes back to practicing law as an attorney on high-profile cases.

Ramsey doesn’t want to spill details on the episode – nor on an episode already in the pipeline that has to do with gay rights.  But he does make clear, “Some weeks you’ll see a more conservative view, and some weeks a more liberal view.  Ultimately, what Jimmy’s character wants is to get to what is just.  He was led to leave the Supreme Court because the system didn’t work, whether conservative or liberal.”

He acknowledges, “Yes, there’s an element of fantasy in having a Supreme Court justice come down from his lofty position and work for the little guy – but I think the audience will forgive that, and buy into the dream.”

The show marks the fourth time that David and Jimmy have worked together.  There were their memorable “Dexter” characters as a pot-smoking informant and a homicidal Assistant DA, respectively.  There was Ramsey’s term as a campaign aide for Smits’ Presidential run on “The West Wing.”  They’re both in the current big-screen “Mother and Child.”  And now, Ramsey is a liberal attorney who’s a long-time family friend of Smits’ and who becomes part of his dream team of lawyers.

“You can’t do better than working with Jimmy,” notes Ramsey.  He recalls meeting on “Outlaw” with Smits, creator John Eisendrath and the other producers: “The chemistry between us was great in the room when I walked in, and someone said, ‘Well, this is a no-brainer.’”

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  2. Kathy James Mondotte

    I live here in Arizona originally from Pennsylvania and I am embarassed to say that our “Governor Jan Brewer” is one of the most ego driven women I have ever met. She continually needs to put down the Hispanic population commenting that they are all drug runners and derelicts. My only answer is I wish that she would try to fight the other problems this state has such as Crystal Meth, Homeless and some of the lowest scores for children who WANT to become something in their lives. My father was the Superintendent of Schools for the Council Rock School District and he believed that we (our school district) should be No. #1 first in Academics, Athletics and Achievements. This state is so backwards as far as Academics. The future of our children here in the state is scary. What state allows you to purchase a gun to carry anywhere???? I hope that you will take the stand on some of the shows as to the REAL racial profiling that is happening here by the nutcase of a Sheriff here in town, Mr. Joe Arpaio. And there is more money being spent on fighting the Federal govnt. for Joe Arpaios problems and lawsuits and now Jan Brewer. But when other states will come here and praise this woman………….how embarrasing is it?? I am not a democrat nor republician my father taught me to vote for the person who is right for our Country as a Leader. One whom we will always be proud to stand by and say He is our President. I have a second home in San Carlos, Sonora Mexico so it takes me almost 8 hours to drive from my front door in Scottsdale to the house in Mx. I love living there for the natural beauty. But as more profiling goes on the ill feelings towards Americans grows and someday I can only hope that we can all live as one family, here in AZ and also in MX. thanks for your time.

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