‘Mdot’ Gets Rock Star Treatment — Weeks Before ‘Camp Rock 2’ Premiere

Matthew "Mdot" Finley Disney Channel photo

What an introduction to the world of the Jonas Brothers for Matthew “Mdot” Finley, who plays the chief adversary of the Jonases in the Disney Channel’s Sept. 3-debuting “Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam.”  He’ll be out on concert tour with the JoBros, Demi Lovato and other members of the “Camp Rock 2” cast starting Aug.7.  All that’s gone out on this so far is a video, movie clips, promos and some interviews.  And yet, Mdot has already found himself swarmed by fans.  It happened last week, in fact, when he and Alyson Stoner were in Paramus, New Jersey, doing promotional duty for Verizon FIOS, which has a movie tie-in.

“People are already like, ‘I love your video!  My grandma loves your dance moves!’  We were on the elevator, and there were people waiting for us at every level when the doors opened,” he says, amazed.

How does he feel about that?  “It’s what I signed up for, what I want to do – be a superstar,” says the handsome young performer.

He says he’s learned from the best how to interact.  “I’ve been in cars with the Jonas Brothers, and they’re very down to earth.  They’ll stop the car and hop out to say hi to the fans that’ve been waiting for hours before they go into their hotel.  They really believe in showing fans their appreciation.  They love the fans.  Demi (Lovato) does as well.”

With the tour right around the corner, Mdot is psyched to jump in all the way.  It took him five auditions to land the role of ego-centric Lucas Williams, the leader of the teen performers at rival Camp Star.  “I’ve been preparing for this role my whole life,” he says.  As far as whether Lucas will end up being the guy viewers love to hate, he laughs.  “I think so.  He’s all about the performance, not about making friends.  He’s all about the presentation.  I can definitely relate to that.  But I’m a little more polite, a little more people friendly.”

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