Up and Down Emotions Over Prop 8 Same Sex Marriage Ban for Real L Word Wedding Couple

Nikki Weiss, Jill Goldstein

Nikki Weiss and Jill Goldstein of Showtime’s “The Real L Word” have certainly been subject to the ups and downs of California’s same sex marriage ban within this past week — as the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals overruled Judge Vaughn Walker’s earlier decision to strike down Proposition 8,  leaving same sex couples in a holding pattern until December. They were on the verge of celebrating when the appeals court decision came in.

As followers of the Showtime reality show are aware, Nikki and Jill have been pouring their energies into planning for their October nuptials — whether or not their marriage is considered valid in California.

“We became the wedding story of the show.  It’s sweet and endearing,” says Jill, who first met Nikki when the two were kids at summer camp.  They met again as adults, and sparks soon ignited.

Their desire is to keep their Malibu ceremony “intimate, small and memorable,” she tells us, with around 80 guests and no TV cameras.  However, with the huge attention that’s now coming their way and interest from new friends like Rosie O’Donnell, it’s easy to imagine how quickly it could turn into a giant media event if they allow it.

As it is, one of the qualms the couple have had about “The Real L Word” is that they’re seen “talking more about the materialistic aspects of the wedding than the meaning of it,” as Jill puts it.  Both work in the entertainment industry, and she points out, “Nikki and I have more dimension and depth to who we are.  We work very hard, but you just see us planning and spending, you don’t see us earning.”

Still, they feel the positives in giving viewers a chance to get to know the six gay women on the show outweigh any of their misgivings.  Indeed, Jill and Nikki are putting two more faces on the same sex marriage battle.

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  1. Stefanie

    I just dont understand what is so wrong with same sex marriage.As long as your happy that should be all that matters.

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