Wendy Williams Says She Has ‘Inquisitive’ Approach to Celebrity Culture

Wendy Williams

Talk show hostess Wendy Williams, whose sophomore season launches this week, resists the idea that she’s turned tamer and nicer since shifting her act from radio to TV.  The daytime denizen, who was once known for her feuds with the likes of Whitney Houston, insists, “I’m still as inquisitive.  I never equated that with being mean.  It’s really just how I approach celebrity culture.”

The energetic 5’11” personality feels that, as a New Jerseyite with a nine-year-old son, she isn’t really part of that culture – but does have plenty in common with viewers who watch her show.

Wendy also notes, “I’m kind of surprised that my private life has not changed much at all” since she started the program.  “Being on radio for over 20 years, and being very popular, gave me just enough of a glimpse into the limelight that I knew what I was getting into.  It hasn’t changed many of the people around me either.”

Whatever she’s doing, it’s working.  Her show is now in some 53 countries in addition to the U.S..  “Earlier this summer I went to London for a quick three days, to get the show up and running there as well,” reports Williams, who describes herself as a “worker bee.”

“The reception was great.  I did the BBC morning show, did interviews, went out.  The nightclubs – I don’t know.  Everyone looked like Amy Winehouse,” she les us know.

As far as her own looks, she works out “twice a week.  I watch what I eat, I’m very aware,” adds Wendy, who famously grew up as an overweight kid and has struggled to keep her weight under control as an adult.  However, “I’m not expected to be a supermodel who’s a size zero.  I know exactly where my place is on TV – it’s about what comes out of my mouth and what is in my heart.”

And what is on her head.  Asked whether she ever goes out sans wig to remain incognito, she roars, “Oh, no.  I never roll down the driveway without a wig.  First of all, that’s the money shot.  I wouldn’t put that out until I’ve absolutely got control of it.  Today I went to the gym wearing a Cleopatra wig, just past my shoulder.”

Wendy, who unveils a new set today, has a string of guests lined up for the new season ranging from Cloris Leachman to Jordin Sparks.

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