Martin Landau Feeling the Excitement of Changing Media

Martin Landau

Good for you, Martin Landau!  While some in his age bracket shy away from new technology, the Oscar-winning 82-year-old actor feels the excitement of the now age.

Landau appreciates that with the all-pervasive impact of the internet on entertainment and the media, “It is a different world than what we’re used to” – but he’s game for it, and then some.  “There is a bit of the Wright Brothers in the air, the newness of the times of technology and change that are going on.  In a sense, it has some of the feeling of early television,” enthuses the esteemed actor of stage, screen and TV, who heads the Hollywood branch of the Actors Studio.  Today, webisodes are being shown to tiny audiences.  Landau recalls when “there were very few television sets and the only way of capturing a performance in those days was with kinescopes that were really primitive – and look what’s become of it.”

Landau, who’s featured in John Wells’ forthcoming “Company Men” with Ben Affleck and Kevin Costner, has no intention of retiring “as long as I’m perpendicular.”