‘Biggest Loser’ Ali Vincent Back to TV

Ali Vincent

Ali Vincent, a.k.a. “The Biggest Loser’s” first female winner, has been in meetings this week for a potential reality show on which she’d serve as host.  It has to do, she reports, with people at crisis points in life who use training for triathlons and other vigorous athletic competitions to help them surmount their challenges.

“It could be a soldier who’s returning from war after losing a limb or someone reinventing themselves after losing their job,” she says.  “It’s not about weight loss, although there could be people who lose weight in it.”

Whether the new show sells or not, Vincent will be back on the tube come Nov. 24, as part of  NBC’s “Biggest Loser: Where Are They Now” special.  She was thrilled to return again to the show on which she lost 112 pounds — the show that launched her as an author (“Believe It, Be It”) and popular motivational speaker.

Does she still weigh the same as in those ubiquitous “Biggest Loser” promo and product photos in which she’s clad in a pink stretch tank top and black spandex bike pants?

“I weigh 125-130 pounds depending on the day, so it’s not that different in weight,” she tells us, “but I was so much more toned when I won.  I’d been training so much, I was hard core.  I won’t be like that again unless it’s right before I do a triathlon myself.”  Vincent, who has run marathons — including the Boston — says she wants to do an Iron Man triathlon.  ‘It’s on my bucket list, and it’s something I’ll put out there for 2012 if I’m not pregnant.  I have plans for a baby, so we’ll see.”

She also says she’s in love, and that she recently moved from Arizona to Spokane, Washington to be near her sister, a pilates instructor.

“My sister and I are working on different types of workouts — in-flight workouts, workouts you can do while traveling, even during airport layovers.  We’ll do them as podcasts people can download.  That’s in its beginning stages.”

She adds, “I get to be with my niece and nephew which is great. I’m only going to be the cool aunt so long.”

2 thoughts on “‘Biggest Loser’ Ali Vincent Back to TV

  1. Jeanelle Swails

    I really can’t understand individuals who think that they can shed weight with diets & pills. I mean, come on!!! Its not brain surgery now, is it? Intake less calories than you burn and you will probably lose fat – yes, its that easy!!!

  2. Cecelia Maldonado

    I have lost 50 pounds. I exercize and ear right. I did start taking a daily multi vitimin and flax seed oil. Dr. Oz said flax seed oil is good for helping women over 40 combat body fat. I’ve only been taking flax seed oil for a week I don’t know how I like it yet. Other than that it’s just been eating less and better. I don’t count calories I just use common sence. It is getting harder to loose though. I upped my time on the eliptical to 45 min. and an hour in the weight room. I can’t afford a trainer. I just do my best . I saw Ali Vincent wearing something on her arm its called a body bug. I am going to investigate that. I need help to know how to keep loosing.

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