High-flying Times for ‘Project Runway’s’ Snippy Surprise Winner Gretchen Jones

Gretchen Jones Lifetime photo

“Project Runway” winner Gretchen Jones has been having quite the high-flying time since her announcement as winner of the eighth season of the Lifetime hit last week.  First on her agenda was attending several parties near her Oregon home base, then flying to New York in time to be on hand at Heidi Klum and Seal’s elaborate Halloween shindig.  (Gretchen’s costume:  Amelia Earhart, apprpropriately enough.)

Jones, who took on a bit of the villainess role in this latest season, with her sharp tongue and controlling ways, won in an upset over Mondo Guerra.  “If I had it my way way we we would all win.  But all those people are going to have careers,” she says of the finalists.  She also says, “I’m proud of myself.”

As for what is next?  She’s focused on making a permanent move to the Big Apple by early 2011, “to gain access to the resources and mentorships I need in order to be successful.   I also feel like it’s really important to be thoughtful and take my time,” adds the budding designer.  “There’s a responsiblity with the exposure I’m getting, and I want to be dilligent and thoughtful to move forward successfully.”

She’s thinking it through now, and creating a business plan.  “Once you do your first collection, you go straight into the next one,” she points out.

So Jones is taking a little time to get rested and ready with a year-end vacation.  “We were fortunate enough to get those trips by the Hilton in Finale Part 1,” she reminds.  “My birthday is New Year’s Eve, and I want to go somewhere warm and sandy for my birthday.”

Yep, and the $100,000 in prize money won’t hurt.