Ralph Macchio Exposes Heretofore Unknown Comedy Chops

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The New Year is holding a lot of promise for Ralph Macchio — some of that due to his hilarious “Wax On, @#!$ Off” video.  He figures that between its home on Funny or Die, You Tube and other sites, it’s had more than two million views at this point.  Along with the satisfaction of having a viral video that’s tickled the funny bones of computer users around the globe, “Wax On, @#!$” has “had an impact in the industry,” says the actor who’ll forever be remembered as the original Karate Kid.

He notes, “Funny Or Die is such an industry-savvy website, I knew if everything came into alignment, it would get passed around and give people a sample of my sense of humor.  I have an irreverent sarcasm people don’t know about.”  The video, directed by his friend, Todd Holland of “Malcolm in the Middle” and “Larry Sanders” fame, “generated a decent amount of activity for me.  That was part of the plan.”

“Wax On, @#!$ Off,” in case you missed it, has Ralph’s family, manager, mailman and others holding an intervention for him because his clean-cut family man image is destroying his career — with Ralph subsequently attempting to get into TMZ-worthy shenanigans.  Sitting out on the street, he looks despairingly at a poster for the new “Karate Kid” starring Jaden Smith.

Macchio plays it straight — make that straight-laced — on “Psych” tonight (12/8) as a by-the-book police academy instructor charged with whipping James Roday’s and Dule Hill’s characters into cops worthy of the uniform.  It’s a nod to the “Police Academy” movies.

“Those guys are so much fun to work with, it’s like being in theater camp with a couple of cameras,” he says.  “That show has got its own heartbeat.  It has such a following — they call themselves ‘Psych’-Os.  It’s been picked up for a sixth season.  You know the odds of that in television today,” adds Ralph, who tips that there is more to his character than initially meets the eye.  “But I don’t want to give it away.”

The door is also open for future appearances for the actor, who also has a “The Whole Truth” dramatic turn coming up.  In the wake of those guestings and his run on “Ugly Betty,” he’d like a regular series berth.  In his perfect world, he says, that would be in an ensemble show with dramatic moments and comedic irreverence,” real subject matter and real scenarios.

“We’re nearing the onset of the crazy pilot season.  As much as people talk about pilot season being year-round now, there’s still a real frenzy in February and March,” he observes.

He also has a project in the world as a producer for A&E that has to do with the gypsy subculture in New York City.  Stay tuned.

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