‘Ghost Hunters International’s’ Kris Williams Compares Foreign and Domestic Haunts

Kris Williams Syfy photo

As the newest member of Syfy’s  “Ghost Hunters International” team, Kris Williams is among the few paranormal investigators qualified to answer the question of whether stories of hauntings are alike or different in North America and other parts of the world.

She says, “There is a difference in that there is so much history overseas.”  With the domestic version of “Ghost Hunters,” “The 1700s seemed old.  But, well, for example we walked into a castle in Germany and asked how old it was, and they very matter-of-factly said it was built in 1190.  Also, you hear more stories of torture.”  Ew.

Williams says the team has been exploring stories of hauntings that date back to World War II and World War I as well.  Next Wednesday’s (2/2) show has the team “at a fort in Serbia that dates back to the late 1600s, but there was a settlement at the same location that goes back thousands of years.  There were some battles.  There was an execution wall where they’d line up prisoners.  It was creepy.  People felt like they were being watched.  There were lights and apparitions.”

The pretty 29-year-old admits, “If you’d have told me six or seven years ago that I would be traveling around the world looking for ghosts for a living, I’d never have believed it.  It’s a lot of fun.  I’ve always been a history nerd, so this touches my interests in history, travel and the paranormal.”

But, doesn’t she get — you know — scared?  Williams laughs.  “I grew up in a house that was active, and it wasn’t unusual to have conversations about it at the dinner table when I was young.  I grew up a bit of a tomboy.  I’m not that easy to shake.”

Her first ghostly encounter was when she was four, she tells us.  “My mother told me the story of how I came downstairs and told them I was talking to my great-grandmother, who I was close to, and that she was smiling.  And I asked, ‘Why is she saying goodbye?’ That was how they found out she had died.”

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  1. Regina

    i feel any of the girls including Chris of course rock… to go in somewhere thats pitch black with webs spiders and sit on a floor in the dark even if the floor is dirt is ballsie! and to even go to a room alone they are great ghosthunters and have no fear.. they do what they need to , to find answers.. to this i praise allt he women who could do what they do. i for one could never sit in a black room with spiders falling from the celing and do a invetsigation. i would be screaming.. kudos to the Ghost Hunters team of Women!!!

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