First Candidate For Tacky Taste 2011: Billy Ray Cyrus

Miley Cyrus poledance

Here it is, only February and already we have a strong candidate for this year’s Tacky Taste Awards:  poor pitiful papa Billy Ray Cyrus, for the GQ interview in which he blames “Hannah Montana” for pretty much all the ills in his life — including the end of his marriage and his concerns over the behavior of his 18-year-old daughter, Miley.

“The damn show destroyed my family,” he proclaims.  He gripes that every time there was a scandal, like Miley’s awards show pole dancing or her sexually provocative Vanity Fair photos, his daughter’s “handlers” had the nerve to put him before the press to take the heat. “‘Somebody’s shooting at Miley!  Put the old man up there!’ Well, I took it, because I’m her daddy, and that’s what daddies do. ‘Okay, nail me to the cross, I’ll take it,” he whines.

Good daddies don’t allow their little girls be photographed topless cuddling a bed sheet at age 15, or join them for creepy couple-style shots that hint at incest.  Billy Ray’s mea culpa in GQ is all about how he should have been more of a parent and less of a friend to Miley, but doesn’t include anything about his responsibility in matters like photos in which he was personally involved.

To many observers, his true priorities have often shown through the thin veneer of a family man performance.  This is the guy who tended to frown, sigh, purse his lips, become clipped or otherwise give evidence of his distaste whenever press asked Miley-related questions — instead of Billy Ray-related questions.  Even in the best of times.  He rode the young talent’s coattails into an obviously fervently-desired fresh wave of fame.  And now that his “Hannah Montana” ride is over, he’s in GQ, pointing fingers at everyone else for Miley’s excesses.

Hate to achy breaky it to you, Billy Ray, but GQ would never have been interested had it not been for her.

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  3. Lorie

    The writer of this article must not be a parent, or never made it past the title…Your children can do crazy things totally against your teaching…the best of parents have kids that act and do things we may not approve…it’s part of them spreading their wings and learning to be independent….
    In between every other word written here sounds like pinned up issues of another story and Billy Ray just happened to be in the line of fire…

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