‘DWTS’ Tony Dovolani, Wendy Williams Have Work Cut Out

Tony Dovolani ABC photo

“Dancing With the Stars” pro Tony Dovolani admits he and his latest partner, talk show host Wendy Williams, have some challenges ahead as they prepare for the March 21 premiere of the show’s 12th season.  For one thing, Williams is a super curvaceous 5-foot-11 in stocking feet — “about two inches shorter than I am,” Dovolani says.

“She has real issues.  She’s a mom, she’s 46 years old.  She’s at that point in life she feels she’s either going to do it now or not.”

And though Williams’ show was dark last week, and she and Tony were able to put in five-hour days of practice at a studio near her New Jersey base, this week the show is on and it’s a different story.

“She has a contract to honor, or course.  But she’s one of those indestructible women.  She’ll be able to do both,” he says.  He also says, “I’m so glad she decided to take on this challenge.  I’m very excited to help her achieve something she never thought she would; to be able to do these dances and be graceful and beautiful doing them.  She was always the tall girl in school,” he notes — and she knows what it is to feel awkward.

Dovolani adds that he’s found Williams “a very pleasant surprise.  She comes in really embracing this.  As she puts it, she wants everything — the makeup, the hair, the costumes….She’s picking things up pretty nicely.”

Wendy Williams

Williams made hay with the awfulness of Kate Gosselin back when the reality show star did “DWTS” — with partner Tony Dovolani.  Now that Tony is her partner, Williams has brought up the Kate debacle a couple of times “and asked my opinion of it  I think it was that Kate had so much going on in her life this was one more thing she shouldn’t have done.  Kate wasn’t all that bad.  She had her drama, but if you turned off the cameras, she was okay.”

That’s pretty kind for the pro who once was driven to briefly quit trying to work with the seemingly whiny and uncooperative Kate.  “Well, look,” he says.  “I think she’s very insecure as a person.  But she has kids who one day are going to read all kinds of things about their mother, including negative things.  I don’t want to be one of those who says something negative.”


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