Tim Allen’s New Series: Details Emerge

Tim Allen

More details are emerging about Tim Allen’s already-highly-anticipated ABC series pilot.  Looks like his character will have a teenage son to relate to, though there are certainly more females around him in this sitcom incarnation than in “Home Improvement.”  Among those females, we hear, will be a Japanese exchange student who Tim’s character thinks is male — ’til she shows up — and who speaks no English.  The pilot storyline has Tim’s character launching into a rant that gets posted on YouTube and becomes viral.  Sounds fun.

Things are looking a lot different for Tim than a year ago, when he was getting over the disappointing fate of his acting-directing vehicle, “Crazy on the Outside” — and when he talked to this column about his dismay over Disney pulling the plug on his “Wild Hogs 2” movie.  Now, the star not only has a new sitcom on the way, he also has the movie that will put him together with his “Toy Story” colleague, Tom Hanks — their planned live action feature based on the Disneyland Jungle River Cruise ride.