Lisa Ann Walter’s Unexpected New Calling

Lisa Ann Walter

Funny lady Lisa Ann Walter, on the promotional trail for her brand-new “The Best Thing About My A– is That It’s Behind Me” comedic book, reports she may be doing a combination “stand-up/pep talk-body image lecture” tour of colleges in coming months.  The “Dance Your A– Off” creator has found herself with a new calling thanks to the show, and she is listening.

“I’ve got all these wonderful young women who have become fans, who’ve thanked me for spreading this message” explains the advocate of healthy, self-accepting living.  “This generation, even more than my own, has responded because of the ‘DYAO’ website and Facebook page.  I’ve been getting a lot of interest for college dates.”

Among the subjects that have drawn interest:  “I’ve looked at some stuff the Kardashians were going through when Kim sort of first became visible, and Paris Hilton and some others were laughing, saying something like, her butt looked like two pigs in a bag.  She was quite young and that could have really hurt her self-esteem — to be made fun of and shamed that way.  And now look — girls want to look like Kardashians, even to buying these fake, add-on heinies!  Just a minute ago, it was this shameful thing.  How people judge your shape has a lot to do with where and when you’re born.  What’s not acceptible today might be in style tomorrow.  And girls judge themselves on images that are air burshed, that aren’t real — these weird Barbie images that don’t exist in nature.  It’s not right.”

The “Parent Trap,” “Bruce Almighty” and “Shall We Dance” actress is happy with her shapely shape these days, including her curvaceous backside — but she went through her own self-image battle as her marriage was coming unraveled a few years ago, something she touches upon in her book.  “To get 10 pounds off, I have to starve.  My body resists it every step of the way — and then, the second I eat something, it’s like pulling a rip cord on a raft — I blow up!  Is it worth doing crazy stuff, being miserable and starving just to be 10 pounds lighter?  Who cares?  I’d rather enjoy my life.”

Lately, the ever-energetic Walter does her funny gal pal schtick at Jon Lovitz’ L.A. club once a month between other engagements, enjoys her relationship with her (younger) boyfriend, and mothers her four children.

“I have identical twin boys who are 10 years old.  My goodness, it’s like raising Vikings.  They come in and say, ‘We booby trapped the whole back yard — come look!’  My big boy moved back home.  That’s what they do.  And he just signed a deal with Universal to write and produce music.  All those years of me dropping down to all those clubs on Sunset have paid off.   What I am is relieved.  There are a lot of musician-artists staying in their parents’ basements for a way long time.”

Her daugher, meanwhile, is in her first year of college, a pre-med student.  “She’s the smartest one in the family.  She may want to do neurobiological research,” Walter reports.  “I’m sure she’s interested because she lives with so many nut cases.  She wants to figure out her family.”

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