A Story That Made Jeff Foxworthy Cry

Jeff Foxworthy

Jeff Foxworthy keeps a crowded calendar of stage, TV and film work, but the Georgia-born Blue Collar Comedy funnyman still makes time for his church activities, including leading a Bible study in Atlanta for some 140 homeless men.  Last year, one of those men stopped Jeff cold with a story he’ll never forget.

The man’s name was Wayne, and he told of his mother leaving him a $70,000 inheritance, including a Bible into which she’d tucked a love note for him.  But Wayne was a crack cocaine addict.  He quickly blew through the money and as for the Bible, he lost track of it without even opening it.  Years went by.  About 100 miles from where the Bible disappeared, Wayne and another homeless man were cleaning an apartment for some cash when Wayne’s partner found a few items left behind.  Wayne rummaged through the pile — and found the very same Bible his mother had given him, with the note still tucked inside.  Wayne told the Bible study group that “if God loved me so much to chase me this far, I’m going to quit running.”

Foxworthy was so moved, he recalls, “I had to go sit against the wall and just cry for a minute.”  He tells us, “Wayne at that point could hardly take care of himself.”

That was last year, but in subsequent months, he became stronger and healther, and able to stay on as a helper at the facility, “taking care of 40 guys.”

Meanwhile, Jeff’s teenaged daughter recently passed the $1 million mark in raising funds for her anti-malaria drive and he’s thrilled and proud.

What a family.