Brooke Elliott Says ‘Diva’ Will Get Flirtier

Brooke Elliott Lifetime photo

“Drop Dead Diva” star Brooke Elliott says viewers will find her character “becoming more comfortable in this new life, and becoming flirtier” as the just-launched third season unfurls.  “DDD,” of course, follows the unique saga of a vapid model whose spirit has mistakenly been dumped into the body of a brilliant plus-sized attorney.

Brooke says “I had no idea” the Lifetime series would wind up lasting this long

— with an ardent following and critical kudos.  “You never know which thing is going to hit and which one isn’t — and then to have the show continually picked up and continually supported by Lifetime is amazing,” says the Broadway veteran.

“DDD” also has a list of guest stars to die for, a particularly impressive feat considering they have to travel to the town outside Atlanta where the show shoots.  This year’s list includes LeAnn Rimes,  Kathy Griffin, Wendy Williams, Mario Lopez, Amanda Bearse, Tony Goldwyn, Howard Hesseman, Sharon Lawrence, Faith Prince, Jennifer Tilly and Louis Van Amstel.  Appearing in the forthcoming “gay prom” episode are Wanda Sykes, Lance Bass and Clay Aiken.  Brooke says she didn’t have scenes with Bass and Aiken, but loved working with Sykes.  “I think she had a really good time doing

her scene.  Her timing is impeccable.  Working with her was such a fun day.”

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  1. Kimberly

    I haven’t seen the movie series yet but I am quite sure she is really good in her. The character suited her well. By the way, the photo of her above is really alluring. So strict yet so beautiful. Nice shot.


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