‘Man-bassador’ Stacy Keibler Keeps Widening Her Range

Stacy Keibler

Stacy Keibler says she had a ball doing red carpet and backstage interview duty as Spike TV’s “Man-bassador” at its Guys Choice Awards of last week. So much so, she’d love to do more such chores.

“It was different to be on the other side of things,” says the famous WWE Diva-turned-“Dancing With the Stars” standout. “I had a lot of respect for the people on the red carpet and didn’t want to make anyone uncomfortable with questions, but this was more laid-back. We were able to have a lot of fun.”

The leggy blond has two movies coming up: “Dysfunctional Friends” that she describes as “a dark comedy about a group of friends who’ve lost touch since college.  ” Their very wealthy pal leaves them a vast fortune — on one condition. “They have to live in a house together a certain amount of time. They’ve gone on with their lives. They don’t all get along. There are ego issues. My character is a gold-digging, kind of a little bit of an easy girl, I guess you could say, out for the money and the athletes.”

Stacy’s other movie is Hallmark’s “Fixing Pete” with Dylan Bruno and Brooke Burns. “Brooke and I play best friends. She’s a journalist who has to make over this guy. And I’m a supermodel, who, once she makes him over, falls in love with him.” The ladies were fast friends off camera as well as on, according to Stacy. “Brooke is such a fantastic woman. We had a great time every single day on the set.”