Planes, Yachts, Movies, More Shows for ‘Operation Repo’s’ Lou Pizarro

 “Operation Repo’s” Lou Pizarro is parlaying his reality show fame and fortune into a slew of TV and film projects as a producer, director and star.   

Lou Pizarro TruTV photo

Already in the can is his indie feature “Operation Repo: The Movie,” and according to Lou, a distribution deal is already in place for next year. 
 Now he has a big screen comedy set to start shooting in August — “Lou Goes Back to Boot Camp” — at the former Marine’s old stamping grounds, Camp Pendleton north of San Diego.

 “I’m the star and it’s insane.  I start off in Afghanistan, out there doing standup comedy for the troops.  Stuff happens, I lose my memory…”  And the comic winds up becoming a grunt all over again.  “It has a lot of parodies of films like ‘Full Metal Jacket,'” Lou reveals.

The part about performing for the troops is quite true to life, since  Pizarro has taken his comedy out to the military numerous times.  Also, with his TruTV “Operation Repo” airing via the Armed Forces Network, “I get so much love from those guys, so much respect.  I get phone calls from Afghanistan – I give guys my number and tell them to keep in touch, and they do.”

“Operation Repo” returns to TruTV with new episodes tomorrow night (6/29).  U.S. English-language viewers were introduced to the fascinating show in 2008, but its Spanish-language precursor has been a hit longer.  Lou ( has done more than 500 episodes, and they’re syndicated globally.  His other productions include the first Spanish-language tattoo-themed reality show and first Spanish-language bounty hunter reality show.  “Now I’m attacking the mainstream English  market,” he happily declares.  TruTV has several more of Lou’s shows in the pipeline, “but they don’t want me to talk about them yet.”

With all that going on, he’s probably not doing any more reposession work in real life, right?  “Only the higher end stuff,” says Pizarro, a one-man PR machine for the $1 billion reposession industry — which, he wants us to know, makes it possible for average Americans to finance cars because without it, nobody could afford the staggering interest rates.  He’s out to  change the old repo man stereotypes, he says.  “You have to be educated and a thinker — smarter than the next guy,” in addition to having nerve.

By “higher end,” he means reposession of things like yachts and private jets.  Lou tantalizes us with hints of celebrities and politicians whose expensive stuff has been taken back due to failure to make payments.  He says he can’t name names for legal reasons, dash it all. “You could do a completely different repo show — hint, hint.  Maybe 747 jumbo jets, cruise liners,interesting things like that.  Yes, it takes a lot of work, but it’s done all the time.  You know, older 747’s and 757’s are leased to different countries, and then they don’t pay.  The companies have to have someone go and get ’em back.”  Sounds like a movie.