Ryan Dunn Showed Another Side on ‘Minute’ Guesting

Guy Fieri, Ryan Dunn NBC photo

Among the friends of “Jackass” star Ryan Dunn reeling over news of his death in an automobile accident Monday is celebrity chef and “Minute to Win It” host Guy Fieri.  It was Guy, a long-time pal of Dunn’s, who suggested his recent guest appearance on “Minute to Win It” to the show’s producers.  Dunn played on behalf of  the Teammates for Kids Foundation that raises funds for children’s charities.  Guy was particularly glad to let people know that there was a caring, stand-up kind of person behind Dunn’s crude and reckless “Jackass” facade. 

“Let me tell you something.  Here’s one of the things that everyone should understand.  It’s always hard for people to separate who celebrities are and what they really do from the kind of images they have,” Fieri said, speaking of the guest appearance.  “Ryan is a great dude.  I have great respect for him and Steve-O as artists, and as performers, but now it’s quadrupled for them as people.”