Timothy Hutton Loving ‘Leverage’ Ratings Rise

Timothy Hutton TNT photo

You have to know the gang at Timothy Hutton’s “Leverage” is in a celebratory mood — with the TNT series attracting a 10 per cent ratings increase for its season opener last Sunday over its season premiere last year. Hutton is very happy with the ratings gains, of course. “It definitely feels good. We’re very happy to be on at nine o’clock on Sundays. This year, to return to the same timeslot turned out to be a good decision for the show.”

Demographic breakdowns also show that younger viewers have been cottoning to the series that follows the high tech, high risk capers of a group of modernday Robin Hoods. Notes Hutton, “I think we always felt, TNT and the producers always felt, that the appeal of the show couldn’t be pinpointed to any one group.”

As this season unfolds, not only will his Nate Ford character be dealing with the ramifications of his romance with sexy grifter Sophie Devereaux (Gina Bellman) — but “a shadowy group that is following the Leverage team. That’s a strong arc.”