Rickey Smiley Primed to Serve Up His Share of Fox’s New ‘Dish Nation’

Fox’s “Dish Nation,” which begins a test run in seven markets Monday (7/25), brings a selection of the nation’s funniest radio show hosts before the cameras to share their snark and silliness with a TV audience.   “I think it’s going to be hot,” says Atlanta’s Rickey Smiley, whose burgeoning “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” airs in more than 50 markets. 

 “We do what we do on our end, and the way they edit the show and put up clips — by the time the producers put it together, it’s just a lot of fun.  I’m definitely prepared to keep going,” he says, should the half-hour show’s six-week run prove successful.

 Smiley and his radio cast mates, including two stand-up comics, “have been together almost seven years now,” he tells us.  “Our comedy is just flat-out natural. We are just naturally funny people, not real edgy.”  (On the radio, their shenanigans include phone pranks and Paternity Test Tuesdays, which are just what the name implies.)

 Other radio hosts on “Dish Nation” are more or less edgy:  New York’s Scott Shannon & Todd Pettengill;  Detroit’s Blaine & Allyson; and Los Angeles’ DJ Felli Fel.  Everyone makes fun of the celebrity scandals, awards show nonsense and other news of the day.  (The test markets are N.Y., L.A., D.C., Atlanta, Phoenix, Detroit and Baltimore.)

 Smiley’s own life sounds like it’s ripe for a reality show unto itself.  He’s the single father of “five, two grown and three smaller kids.  So, you know, I  cook a lot and I love to do laundry and all that stuff” — in-between making people laugh.