Philanthropy-minded Eye Doctor to the Stars Paul Dougherty Inspires…Comedy Video?

Dr. Paul Dougherty, Dennis Miller

In what had to be a first, funnyman T.J. Miller wrote a tribute song to his opthamologist, Dr. Paul Dougherty, on his recently-released Comedy Central album.  “I was actually pleasantly shocked.  He texted me about it, and sent me a copy.  I did his eyes a couple of years ago,” the medico tells us.  “It’s fantastic.” 

But that is not the end of the number, it turns out.  Now,  Miller “is planning to do a video to go along with the song.  We’re trying to find the right time to make that happen,” says the good doctor.

T.J. Miller

Miller was inspired by more than Dr. Dougherty’s superlative lasik surgery.  The eye doctor-to-the-stars (Leighton Meester, Leeza Gibbons, Dennis Miller, etc.) is also a practitioner of extreme pro bono medical services.  When he’s not ministering to the wealthy and the famed, chances are he is working with the poorest of the poor, whether in a Palestinian refugee camp, or a local Santa Monica homeless shelter.  He has also performed surgery on patients from the Warrior Transition facility at Fort Hood in Texas — soldiers “who’ve gone through trauma, been severely injured.”

He explains, “I’ve been doing this philanthropic stuff for awhile.  For me, the reason was, between six and seven years ago, I lost my son.  That put things into perspective about why I’m on this earth.”  (His child went into cardiac arrest while fighting the flu.)  Dr. Dougherty, who has a book called “See for Yourself” on the way, plans to expand his mission, which he’s calling the World Vision Project.  No wonder Miller is singing his praises.