Steven Tyler Sure New Aerosmith Song Will Get Radio Play

Steven Tyler

With Steven Tyler’s “American Idol” gig bringing bigger attention to Aerosmith than the band has enjoyed in awhile, work is moving forward swiftly on the first full-fledged Aerosmith rock album in seven years.      

“I got all the guys to come out here except for Joe (Perry) and I promised them, ‘You come out, we’ll get a song a day and we did,” the 63-year-old rock icon reports.  “Seven songs, and I listened to four of them the other day, looking at the ocean — and I heard one I know the radio is going to play,” he adds.  “I know what a good song is.  I know something that’s melodically compelling, that’s got a really good melody line.  And you know, I found some just right words over it.”

Tyler has already made it clear he’s enjoying the positive impact his “A.I.” exposure is having on the music side of his career, including new young fans wherever he goes and a 260 per cent increase in sales of the Aerosmith catalog.       

Hey, what’s not to like!? 

Of the forthcoming album, expected in the spring, he says, “Is it the right game?  Is it the only game on the block?  No, but it’s Aerosmith and people are going to love it.”  Some of it, he says “is so strange and so different.”  Other parts sounds as if they could be “outtakes of the second album.”