RIP Whitney Houston

Just when we thought…she might be finding the magic again. As this is being written, word is breaking that Clive Davis is going through with his annual pre-Grammy party at the Beverly Hilton Hotel tonight. We can only imagine, if that is so, the event will become an instant memorial for the star among the music industry crowd — just hours after she was found dead at the hotel. Davis was Houston’s mentor, friend, supporter and – to us, on more than one occasion – her defender. He must be devastated at this news. It’s been a sad story to cover for years, the decline of a true superstar, gifted with an angel’s voice, because of drugs.

So many music stars have taken to Twitter to pour their hearts out.  Rihanna said it was strange to be at the Grammy rehearsals, and all she could think of wwas Whtitney Houston.  Vanessa Williams Tweeted that the Grammy producers were in hyperdrive, putting together a tribute for tomorrow night’s show.   Sharon Osbourne wrote that she won’t be going to Davis’ party or Mart Burnett’s — and rebuked Piers Morgan for not thinking enough about Houston’s daughter and family.   Many others wrote about their favorite Whitney Houston songs, about how she had inspired them, about how much they loved her voice.  

Meanwhile, Harvey Levin Tweeted that TMZ was already getting stories about Houston partying hard last night, and The Wrap had word that Sony plans to release her final film, “Sparkle,” this coming summer as planned.