Gerald McRaney Delta Burke His ‘n’ Hers Pilots

Gerald McRaney is hanging out at L.A.’s Marina Del Rey this week while wife Delta Burke is busy making the pilot for her prospective “Counter Culture” comedy at nearby Sony Pictures Studios. “I’m her wheel man, picking her up at the end of the day,” says the ever-popular, always-busy actor. “I’m actually just being selfish. I want to be around her more. I didn’t see her for a month.”   He’s just returned from North Carolina where he was filming the big screen “Heart of the Country,” a drama about a father and his prodigal daughter, based on the novel by Rene Gutteridge. McRaney stars and executive produces, as well. “The first thing was, I liked the script. It was touching. It was about people, not about androids — which isn’t easy to find these days,” he contends. “The whole thing is about people who are trying to do their best.”

He’s lavish in his praise for writer-director John Ward and the rest of the team on the indie feature, including onscreen daughters Anne Hawthorne and Jana Kramer, the latter of whom is the prodigal. “Jana is an up-and-coming country music artist, as well. We had a great, great cast. Jana especially stole my heart.”   McRaney also has completed a pilot: TNT’s hour-long drama called “Scent of the Mission,” about rescue dogs. So he and Delta might each have shows coming on this fall. They’ll find out next month. The hitch: Hers is here in L.A., and his is in Louisiana. “At least, with hers being a sitcom, she’d get a week off here and there,” says McRaney, speaking of Delta’s ABC show that also stars Doris Roberts, Kerri Kenney and Margo Martindale. Then she could join him back around their old digs in the Bayou State.

The McRaneys have had to work out some pretty convoluted logistics to be together through the years, but they’ve obviously managed. They’ll celebrate their 23rd anniversary next month.

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