Noah Wyle Enjoys Daddy Duty After ‘Falling Skies’ Production

Noah Wyle says he’s been enjoying a little down time of late, doing daddy duty and decompressing after wrapping four and a half months’ worth of production of his TNT “Falling Skies” series’ second season.  Sounds like he needed it.

After Season 1, “An amnesia settles in that is analogous to childbirth,” says the erudite star with a smile.

“You forget how painful it was to go through.  It’s a tough show to produce, a tough show to execute.  We do very little work on soundstages.  We’re outdoors in inclement weather; we know what Vancouver winters are all about.  But, you know, a little state of deprivation and discomfort strengthens the camaraderie among the cast.”

According to Noah, viewers can expect the new season — launching June 17 — to be even bigger than the first season of the Steven Spielberg-produced drama in which human resistance fighters are struggling to survive against alien invaders.  It’s bigger, at least in terms of production, that is.  “It started with getting a little bit more money to spend on the episodes, more on spaceships and aliens, more action on the show,” Noah tells us.

Last week, the former “ER” star was time-tripping backwards — decked out in a 1960s-style three-piece suit for his role as one-time Mattel CEO Art Spear in the big screen “Snake and Mongoose.”  The film covers the real-life story of drag racers Don “The Snake” Prudhomme and Tom “The Mongoose” McEwen, whose famous rivalry inspired the Hot Wheels toys.  In July, he will film “Scribble,” an independent feature about “a group of amateur writers tearing each other to shreds.”

Of his schedule, he says, “It’s not too bad.  I’m only working a few days on each movie.”  Which leaves more time for Noah, who has been separated from his wife since 2010, to spend with nine-year-old son Owen and six-year-old daughter Auden.  He credits “Falling Skies” for “giving me street credibility with my son’s third grade class.  They’re actually more interested in it than he is.”  The show is inappropriate for Auden, he adds.  “But they’ve both been to the set numerous times.”

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  1. Shannon

    I’ve loved Noah Wyle ever since one of my co-workers at Dish got me hooked to Falling Skies last season. She had a Sling Adapter as part of her DVR setup, and the Dish Remote Access app on her phone. We would crowd around her phone at work to watch the new episodes as they aired, and then discuss the skitter situations and what we thought would happen next. I have no doubt that season 2 will be much more intense, and the writers will be able to get creative with the two species of aliens. I cannot wait!

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