Rising Star Jessy Schram: ‘Last Resort’ Keeping the Bar High

What a year for Jessy Schram!  The actress has  been flying back and forth between Hawaii, where she’s playing the wife of Scott Speedman’s character on ABC’s crackerjack new “Last Resort” — and Vancouver, where she’s among the humans coping with a space alien occupation of earth on TNT’s “Falling Skies.”  Oh, and she’s also known to fans of the popular ABC “Once Upon a Time” as Ella/Cinderella.

There is, of course, one drawback to her new role.

“The good news is, you get to play Scott Speedman’s wife.  The bad news is, you never get to see him,” says Schram with a laugh, referring to the fact her series husband on a nuclear submarine that’s gone rogue after being issued spurious orders to launch.  However, “There will be moments you’ll see the relationship, the depth of it.  You’ll see we’ve loved each other, and there was tension about his putting his job ahead of me.”

The big question raised about “Last Resort” is whether the show can maintain the level of riveting entertainment of its opening episode.  Not surprisingly, Schram admits, “That’s the concern even people on the show have.  The cast is huge, and there is so much to play, so many emotions and extraordinary story lines.  There is so much going on in so many worlds, between the submarine, the Seals, the islanders, and the Washington world.”  With five episodes completed, she says that “none of the story lines has been dropped.  It’s not confusing, but you have to pay attention to the scripts.  It’s so much fun to be part of creating something new and out of the norm, something really exciting.”

Given the intensely traumatic nature of her “Last Resort” storyline, Schram’s spent much of her time in a stressed state, to say the least.  “She’s alienated from people around her because of decisions her husband has made and what he’s involved in.  She’s holding on to her integrity.  She’s in love.  And she’s torn. Will she keep the life that’s become an illusion, or walk away?”

As they say, stay tuned.

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