Chad Michael Collins in ‘Sniper’ Redux, ‘Company of Heroes”

Chad Michael Collins reports it’ll be an April or May production start in Colombia for the sequel to his hit “Sniper: Reloaded” with Billy Zane. “Billy is directing this one,” he adds. “We’ll be out in the South American jungles, going after bad guys.”

Collins has just seen the DVD/BluRay video release of the latest in his popular “Company of Heroes” franchise for Sony. The WWII movie also stars Tom Sizemore, Vinnie Jones, Jurgen Prochnow and Neal McDonaugh. “There are plans for at least another two, and I’m really excited about it. It’s a great thing to have as an actor,” he notes.

That’s in spite of the grueling demands of the productions. It was a very physical shoot, it really gave you a sense of what these soldiers did for months and years at a time before the day of waterproof gear and Gortex — stuff that keeps you warm and protected. We were up in the mountains for the first eight days in two and a half feet of snow. It was below freezing every single day, and the boots weren’t waterproof. It’s basically like you were wearing cotton towels, and once they got wet in that first hour, you were basically stuck with it for the next 14. Luckily, there was no gangrene, no hypothermia though a couple of us came close,” he says with a smile. “We made it out alive.”

Askedwhether he was concerned about working with Tom Sizemore, given the other actor’s troubled past of arrests, rehabs, etc., Collins told us he made a point of keeping an open mind, and found Sizemore to be “just great. It was me and Tom – we worked together every day. I love learning things from theseveteran actors.”