Collins On Target

sniper legacy“Sniper: Legacy” star Chad Michael Collins is hoping that the Sept. 30 DVD/Digital HD release keeps the “Sniper” movie franchise going. “We’ll see how this one does,” says the handsome actor, who ran up hills and down cliff sides carrying a 35-pound rifle as part of the required physicality of his role. He adds, “Hopefully, ‘Sniper: Legacy’ does well enough to do another one, and we can shoot it sooner rather than later.”

Collins was chosen to star in the 2011 reboot of the “Sniper” franchise as the son of Tom Berenger’s character, the original “Sniper.” In the new film, the preternaturally gifted marksmen father and son are thrown together after long years of absence and estrangement. “We’re trying to break that awkwardness and just get the job done,” he says. Dennis Haysbert also stars as the colonel in charge of their mission in the film that was shot in Greece.

Meanwhile, Collins has also been busy on the TV side of late. “Castle” fans will see him playing a billionaire app inventor who gets attacked by an invisible assailant this season, and in the Oct. 15 episode of “Bones” he’s playing an actor starring in a motion capture movie.